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What is Web 3.0?

Get ready for a new era of the web with Web3.0! Discover the future of technology and how it will change the way we interact online
IT & Security

How will the metaverse change the digital landscape in Australia?

The emergence of the Metaverse is having an impact on the digital landscape and small businesses, changing the way they operate.
IT & Security

5 in demand jobs that didn’t exist 10 years ago (and how to get them).

Some jobs that didn’t exist 10 years ago have become highly sought after, so what are they? And how can you stay relevant?
Data Science

How will blockchain affect traditional industries in Australia?

We seem to be standing on the edge of the blockchain tipping point, but what does it mean for Australian business?

Why Blockchain is good for your business

Here are 5 ways that Blockchain can help modern businesses grow and thrive.

Why upskilling is future proofing your career

With most of their staff working remotely, companies need robust digital infrastructure, they need the right systems in place, and they need staff who can adapt to changing circumstances on the fly.
Data Science

From Social Media Therapist to Blockchain Accountant - RMIT Online and Thinkerbell Reimagine Jobs of the Future

New campaign offers Aussies a glimpse into the future of work to put today’s skills towards tomorrow’s jobs.

RMIT Online research reveals one in two would prefer upskilling benefits rather than free work lunches

RMIT Online research reveals one in two would prefer upskilling benefits rather than a "fun" work culture

The $10b tech skills challenge to Australia’s recovery

RMIT Online launches new skills report with Deloitte Access Economics
Artificial Intelligence

Watch: Technology Skills will be critical for a post-pandemic recovery

Check out out latest 'On the couch' webinar with experts from Deloitte, DHCRC and Isobar
Artificial Intelligence

5 New Year’s resolutions that you'll actually stick to

Five realistic New Year’s Resolutions to carry you into the warm embrace of 2021
Artificial Intelligence

Student Story: Why blockchain isn't just for FinTech anymore

Interview with Helen Cooney, Communications & Program Coordinator at NSW Department of Customer Service

What are micro-credentials? And why are they important?

Micro-credentials are small, certification-style courses that focus on a particular area of study to hone proficiency over the shortest possible time.
Digital Marketing

Blockchain: The effects on Australia in the next 5 years

We caught up with Harris Monos, Senior Consultant at IBM to unpack how blockchain is going to change our lives over the next five years and beyond.

Fee-free tech and future skills training for NT residents through partnership between RMIT and NT Government

NT applicants can select from a range of online short courses in more than 30 business, technology and design areas.