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Watch: How training with RMIT Online lead to Blythe's dream career

Blythe was unhappy in her current career trajectory so decided to upskill in a field she had always been interested in: Digital Marketing.
Digital Marketing

Watch: The Office Clash

Check out our latest webinar on the future of the office with experts from Benny Button, Accenture and REA Group.
Digital Marketing

How having a daily routine can lead to success

What is a daily routine? Why is it important? And how can it help you become successful? 
Digital Marketing

Social media marketing: which platform is best for your business?

We sat down with Social Media Professor Crystal King from HubSpot Academy to get the latest strategy advice for small businesses
Digital Marketing

How to make 2022 the year you stop procrastinating

Is there a way to trick our brains into doing hard and unpleasant things?
Digital Marketing

How does creative brand thinking create loyalty in your brand?

Why do we choose the brands we do? That’s the billion dollar question that fuels the entire brand strategy and market research industry.
Digital Marketing

The best New Year’s resolutions for a post-COVID world

We break down how to set goals and achieve them in a time when the future seems to shift day to day!
Digital Marketing

Watch: In conversation with Marketing Guru and RMIT Online Teacher, Sarah Macdonald.

Our online teachers create great student learning - and they're mentors too!
Digital Marketing

Watch: After 20 years in Banking, Chantel was able to change careers after upskilling

RMIT Online graduate changed careers and her life after studying a suite of short courses
Digital Marketing

How to Grow Your Organic Reach on Facebook

When it comes to Facebook marketing, posting content is the core function of the job. But how do you ensure your content get’s seen?

5 unexpected career opportunities for Digital Marketing graduates

What if you’re not interested in the typical e-comm career path? What else can you do with a digital marketing degree?
Digital Marketing

Watch: Why brand transparency is the most important business currency

Check out our latest 'On the couch' webinar with experts from Thankyou and Thinkerbell
Digital Marketing

Taking stock of your mid-year career development

It’s easy to leave career development and planning to the end of the year, but why not get a head start with our tips to develop your career mid-year.
Digital Marketing

Watch: In conversation with RMIT Online Teacher, Lily James.

London-based Lily reflects on how she and our other online learning facilitators collaborate to shape a vibrant and personalised learning space for all students
Digital Marketing

Which type of digital marketing course is best for you?

The big questions is what kind of digital marketer do you want to be? We break down all the different areas below.
Digital Marketing