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What can the health tech sector learn from the pandemic two years later?

With the pandemic entering its third year, we thought we’d sit down with the experts and take stock of the industry

Expressions of interest wanted for micro-credentialed short course co-sponsorships

Professional development opportunity for emerging digital health professionals ending October

What place do big tech companies have in the healthcare industry?

COVID-19 has changed consumer expectations around healthcare: There’s a public desire for innovation and change. And if Big Tech is good at anything, it’s selling our desires.

Should telehealth consultations and services become the ‘new normal’ in Australia?

Healthcare has traditionally been a slow-moving, cautious industry, but COVID has forced Australian healthcare to make changes within weeks that would otherwise have taken years.

5 ways healthtech is impacting the health sector

It’s safe to say that modern healthcare no longer operates according to tradition

RMIT Online and Amazon Web Services deep dive into technology-enabled health innovation with a new Graduate Certificate in Digital Health

The course has been co-designed with Digital Health CRC, AWS and Telstra Health. 

4 Healthtech Trends We’ll See In 2021

From AI-powered surgery to wearable biosensors, this is the future of healthcare.

How Healthtech Is Responding To COVID-19

Medical care, as we know it, is changing forever. Will it be enough?

RMIT Online and Digital Health CRC collaborate to revolutionise healthcare

Courses developed in partnership with Queensland Health, Canteen, Telstra Health and RMIT’s Health Transformation Lab to address skills shortages in digital health, change management and patient care