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How having a daily routine can lead to success

What is a daily routine? Why is it important? And how can it help you become successful? 
Digital Marketing

How to make 2022 the year you stop procrastinating

Is there a way to trick our brains into doing hard and unpleasant things?
Digital Marketing

How to manage a New Year’s career change

Swapping careers is never going to feel like an easy call. But that doesn't mean it's not a good idea.
Career Change

Looking back on 2019

RMIT Online CEO, Helen Souness reflects on a big 2019
Online Study

5 ways that online courses can help with your career change

It’s never too late to start again! Here are 5 ways that online courses can help with your career change later in life.
Career Change

The future of work is a race between education and technology

If the future of work is a race between technology and education, what can the education sector do to keep up with constantly advancing technology?
Online Study

A letter to my younger self | Mark Wolfe, Cloud Practice Director, Versent

Advice you need to hear, from our industry mentor Mark Wolfe
Online Study

Reimagining Educational Systems Support Future Workforce

To meet the skill demands of the future we must look at our existing workforce and move to a lifelong learning model that supports continuous upskilling

3 steps to future-proof your career (before the robots get here)

Change is coming, but it probably doesn’t look like a Terminator. Here are some simple steps to get ahead of the AI curve.
Online Study