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AI Programming with Python

Learn the foundations of Artificial Intelligence Programming that will enable you to start building your own AI applications in just three months.

Time commitment
3 months (10 hours per week) 100% online
Next start date
20 Jan 2020
Basic knowledge of algebra and calculus and basic programming skills
A$ 2000 incl GST
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Why learn AI programming with Python

Demand for employees with AI skills is skyrocketing and Python is one of the most widely used languages in Artificial Intelligence. The number of AI related jobs in Australia has more than doubled over the past few years (Business Insider) and this demand will continue to grow as more and more businesses are adopting new technologies. This course will help you develop the confidence to advance in your career, whether you’re just starting out or applying the knowledge back into your existing workplace.

How does it work

You will learn to code with Python, drawing upon libraries and automation scripts to solve complex problems quickly. We will cover all the key tools: Anaconda, NumPy, Pandas, and Matplotlib. At the end of this course you will have a solid foundation in the hottest fields in AI, including neural networks, deep learning and PyTorch, and prove your skills by building an image classifier. You will have access to Udacity's cutting-edge learning platform, combined with localised support from industry experts and be welcomed into a community of peers and leading local employers.  Your experience will be assessed and credentialed by a world-leading university.

Skills learned

Python, Linear Algebra, Neural Networks.

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Course Structure

Module 1

Introduction to Python

Start coding with Python drawing upon libraries and automation scripts to solve complex problems quickly.

Module 2

NumPy, Pandas, and Matplotlib

Learn how to use all the key tools for working with data in Python: Anaconda, NumPy, Pandas, and Matplotlib.

Module 3

Linear Algebra Essentials

Learn the foundational math you need for AI success: vectors, linear transformations, and matrices – as well as the linear algebra behind neural networks.

Module 4

Neural Networks

Gain a solid foundation in the hottest fields in AI: neural networks, deep learning, and PyTorch.

Learn with Industry Experts

Get ready to meet some of the biggest names in the business

Patrick RobothamData Scientist, Eliiza

Patrick is passionate about unlocking the value of data. In his 5 years as a data scientist he has worked on a variety of AI projects involving research areas such as Computer Vision, Recommender Systems, and Pricing Models. He holds a Bachelor of Science (Mathematics) from Melbourne University and is a member of the Australian Statistical Society and helps organise the Machine Learning and AI Meetup.

Kiran PatilInnovation Principal, Accenture

Kiran is a highly skilled analytics professional with a PhD n Cognitive Computing, presently supporting innovation within Accenture’s Applied Intelligence practise in Sydney.  Kiran`s experience spans a number of innovative, leading edge initiatives across a wide array of diverse domains such as telecom, media, FMCG, banking, insurance, automotive, healthcare, travel and sports. With rich& diverse experience over past 15 years in R&D as well as industry and consulting environments, Kiran has made significant contributions and real impact to a wide range of projects - covering technologies and innovative solutions from AI to NLP to ML to Stochastic modelling and Optimisation across the APAC, North America, Europe and China. 

Federico Roma Software developer, Transpire

Federico has worked in software for over a decade in a variety of different roles. He enjoys building things in AWS and tinkering with CI/CD, Python and ReactJS. He's been CEO of a startup, managed interdisciplinary teams and been exposed to projects based on large scale infrastructure. Self guided, team player and hard worker, focused on effectiveness, creativity and results.

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