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Bachelor of Information Technology

Harness your career potential by gaining in-demand industry skills with our Bachelor of Information Technology. Customise your degree with the choice of a major or minors and deliver business value by solving complex technology problems.  

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27 Mar 2023

Future intakes
Apr 2023|Jul 2023
72 months (36 months accelerated)
Number of courses

27 Mar 2023

Future intakes
Apr 2023|Jul 2023
72 months (36 months accelerated)
Number of courses

Level up your skills and qualifications as a digital native

Course overview

Learn more about our Bachelor of Information Technology course in the video below.

Program structure

Our flexible Bachelor of IT allows you to tailor your program to align with your personal or professional goals — one major, two minors, or a unique combination of courses. This program contains 24 courses that can be undertaken through a variety of different study loads. Please reach out to our Student success team if you need additional support. 

Each course within this program is worth 12 credit points, and by the end of your program, you’ll have completed 288 credit points. Note, courses may not be available for study each term.  

Full-time study 

If you choose to do a full-time study load, you’ll complete eight (8) courses per year (2 per term) for three (3) years. Note there are four (4) terms a year.  

Part-time study 

If you choose to study part-time, you may choose to complete four (4) courses per year (1 per term) over 6 years. There are four (4) terms a year. 

Or, you can choose a study load that aligns to your personal situation and take longer to study your degree if you need. 

To graduate from this program you must complete: 

  • Three (3) STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), Foundation Courses – 36 credit points  
  • Twelve (12) IT core courses – 144 credit points 
  • One (1) Capstone course at the end of the program –12 credit points 

For the remaining 8 courses (96) credit points, you may choose ONE of the following choices: 

  1. One major – eight (8) courses 
  2. Two (2) minors – four (4) courses per major 
  3. One minor – four (4) courses, and four (4) IT option courses 
  4. Four (4) IT option courses and four (4) Business option courses 
  5. One (1) IT minor and four (4) university electives 


When completing this program, you must begin your program with the following sequence of 6 courses: 

  • IT Core Course 1: Programming Bootcamp 1 (COSC2801) 
  • IT Core Course 2: Programming Studio 1A (COSC3048)
  • IT Core Course 3:  Programming Studio 1B  (COSC3049)
  • IT Core Course 4: Web Programming Bootcamp (COSC3044) 
  • IT Core Course 5: Web Programming Studio A  (COSC3050)
  • IT Core Course 6: Web Programming Studio B (COSC3051)

These six courses will be prerequisites for the other courses within your program. We also recommend that you study these six courses in succession, ideally with no break.  

The capstone course; Programming Project 1 (COSC2408) should be studied within the last year of your program.  

* Conditions on studying majors and minors 

A major is typically 8 courses (96 credit points in total), and a minor is typically 4 courses (48 credit points in total).  

A maximum of two (2) minors can be completed in this program.  

Please note, a course can only be counted once in your program: 

  • Any course completed as part of the core courses in the program, including where you are given a choice of core option courses, cannot count towards the completion of a major or minor.  
  • If you use a course toward the completion of a minor, you cannot use that same course again to count toward another minor. 

The courses in each major and minor need to be completed in the sequence listed. 

For detailed information on the courses that make up this program, please refer to the Detailed Course Overview section at the end of the program brochure.

Learn with industry experts

Dr Edouard Amouroux
Dr Edouard AmourouxProgram Manager, RMIT University

Dr Edouard Amouroux is an academic and researcher in computer science with a keen interest in start-ups and innovation. Edouard is program manager for the Bachelor of IT online, and was previously program manager for the Bachelor of Information Technology at RMIT University Vietnam. Edouard’s research focuses on agent-based modelling

Student Success Team
Student Success TeamRMIT Online

Our student success team are here to help you with 1:1 coaching, tips on how to successfully study online, and any questions or concerns you may have.

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