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Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Learn how automation, artificial intelligence, and cloud technology will help you get the most out of your marketing funnel.




Why learn Marketing Automation

The American advisory firm, IDC, estimates that by the end of 2018, spending on martech will exceed $32.3 million. Advertising can already tailor itself to the users device and habits. AI can be set up to automatically identify and purchase digital advertising space based on consumer data and insights. Martech and automation are here to streamline advertising processes, ultimately lowering associated costs and overheads.

This course will help you understand the technology stack in marketing automation. You’ll learn how to automatically optimise campaigns with the help of artificial intelligence, as well as target potential customers across multiple channels to increase revenue and average deal sizes. The future of marketing is here.

How it works

This course is all about using real world business examples to help you get a solid understanding on how to manage AI from a strategy and capability perspective. You will complete practical assignments throughout the course, design your own chatbot and build a business case on how to best implement AI in your area of work. 1:1 mentor sessions with experts will support you along the way to make connections and get personalised support.

To top it off, you’ll have access to one on one mentor sessions with leading experts as a chance to take stock and get further personalised support in your learning and career journey.

Skills you learn

Marketing automation, extended reality marketing management, mar-tech management, voice-based search strategy, machine learning and artificial intelligence in marketing, internet of things, customer journey planning.

Course overview


Key takeaways from this course

This course is all about demystifying martech and getting to know the tools to improve efficiency, scale up quickly and hit new audiences. But it’s also about communication – being able to sell your business on the benefits of marketing automation, without getting tangled up in tech jargon.

We believe in a practical approach. This course is about preparing your marketing skillset – getting job-ready advice from experts in the industry.

Key topics

  • Understand what artificial intelligence can do for marketers
  • Design and test voice search marketing tactics
  • Learn how to execute marketing automation systems
  • Get up to speed with ad-tech and micro-location approaches
  • Communicate the benefits of new technologies to stakeholders
  • Leverage martech to create more efficient marketing campaigns
  • Using Salesforce Marketing cloud to drive meaningful customer engagement
  • Understand Adobe Experience cloud to orchestrate great customer experiences
How does it work?

Course outline

Module 1

Understanding marketing AI

  • The hype cycle
    Best practice use cases
    How does it go wrong?


Build a customised hype cycle

Presentation icon

Module 2

Machine Learning, Internet of Things and Extended Realities

  • Machine and deep learning
    Internet of Things
    Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality


Design use of VR/AR to improve marketing performance

Project icon

Module 3


  • Natural Language Processing 
    Teaching AI to speak for your business


Design your own chatbot

Project icon

Module 4

Pioneer use cases

  • Search and email marketing
    Social media marketing
    Campaign optimisation and automation


Identify marketing funnel improvement opportunities

Project icon

Module 5

Optimising marketing functions

  • Identify key opportunities for deploying AI
    Marketing funnel optimisation with AI
    Marketing metrics for AI


Prepare a business case

Presentation icon

Module 6

What's next

  • Reflection with peers
    Tap into industry experts
    Future exploration on emerging trends


What support you'll get

Webinar icon

Weekly expert webinar - Q&A

Video icon

3x videos & content per week

  • Industry experts discuss key themes
Mentor icon

Your own industry mentor

  • Weekly webinars
  • Q&A over Slack
Mentor icon

Join a dynamic community of lifelong learners

How does it work?
The RMIT Edge


The RMIT edge


We believe in a practical approach. This course isn’t just about understanding the AI stack. It’s about preparing your specific marketing skillset – getting job-ready advice from experts in the industry.

Make industry connections

Sometimes it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. And we know a lot of people. We’ve partnered with leading AI developers from Adobe and worked with the best in business to design a future-proof curriculum. Time to kick-start that CV.

Collaborative learning

Online study doesn’t mean doing it all yourself. There’s plenty of chances to interact with your classmates, plus 1-on-1 mentoring and online support. It’s learning and lifestyle, all in one.

Find out more in our FAQ section.

Learn with industry experts

This is the real RMIT difference. Industry contacts, real-world experience and a course designed by the best in the business.



Adobe is the global leader in digital media and digital marketing solutions. Their creative, marketing and document solutions empower everyone to bring digital creations to life and deliver immersive, compelling experiences to the right person at the right moment for the best results.

“In order for Australia to remain competitive in the global economy, it is imperative that we address education needs in the digital space. RMIT and Adobe share values of innovation and creativity, and we believe this partnership will continue to find exciting new ways to benefit Australia’s businesses and workforce.” 
 Tony Katsabaris, Adobe APAC Senior Director of Public Sector & Education



Marketing Automation

Learn Marketing Automation in 6 weeks. Enrol in our online course to move your career forward, fully backed by RMIT University and in partnership with Adobe.

Enrol in AI and Emerging Technologies for Strategic Marketing

A$1,200 GST inc.

Start date: 4 February 2019

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You will be eligible for a certificate on completing this course.

We estimate that you will need a total of 50 hours to complete this course over 8 weeks.

1) A computer with good internet access
2) Slack (web or free on the App Store)
3) ZOOM Cloud Meetings (web or free on the App Store)

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