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Watch: The Office Clash

Check out our latest webinar on the future of the office with experts from Benny Button, Accenture and REA Group.

The fallout of the pandemic has had major impacts on the way we work. Physical workplaces have changed in meaning and relevance, and attention is now turning to the workplace of the future.

In our latest report, The Office Clash, it was revealed that managers and employees have very different views about the future of the office and the hybrid work model. While 44% of businesses are already mandating employees to work full time back in the office, 93% of employees want some level of hybrid work and flexibility.

So what should businesses do about this growing rift between business leaders and employees?

Check out our latest On the Couch webinar featuring Dr Adrian Medhurst (Co-Founder of Benny Button), Tenielle Colussi (Managing Director at Accenture) and Jackie Gates (Executive Manager Business Partnering at REA Group) to discuss challenges and opportunities for the future of the office and workplace culture.

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This article was originally published on 25 July 2022