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E-commerce Strategy and Experience

Become a robust e-commerce player with the capability to excel in your category, deliver excellent customer experiences, and make strategic choices about where to invest your capital. 

Next start date
25 Oct 2021

None, however we do recommend students have basic knowledge of business strategy and operations.
Time commitment
6 weeks (8-10 hours per week) 100% online
A$ 1200 incl GST


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Course Structure

Module 1

Introducing the e-commerce value chain

  • Unpack different e-commerce landscapes including trends, customer experiences (CX), and understand the difference between e-commerce and physical commerce
  • Explore various aspects of the value chain and how analytics can be applied to them
  • Examine why CX is important and good elements of CX, including trends, analytics and metrics
  • Explore different strategies available to connect and deliver products, including personalisation, subscription models, social commerce, and omni-channel approaches

Module 2

Exploring customer, brand, and product fit

  • Identify your customer in the digital landscape and use analytics to further define who they are
  • Define your product or service and forecast customer demand by identifying your value proposition
  • Understand the importance of aligning and optimising your brand, product, and customer fit and how this impacts the value chain

Module 3

Explore lead generation and the marketplace

  • Discover strategies for lead generation in the digital landscape, including the use of third-party sites and social media
  • Uncover different methods for customer acquisition and understand opportunities, challenges, and costs of acquisition in e-commerce
  • Examine the benefits and drawbacks of using third party sites and understand how brick-and-mortar operations influence the e-commerce landscape

Module 4

Sticky sites, conversion rates, and lifetime value

  • Understand e-commerce conversion methods and rates, and learn the importance that user experience and user interface can have on your sales
  • Analyse techniques to make your e-commerce sticky and increase sales, including opportunities around basket sizes and abandoned carts
  • Unpack ways to drive brand and customer loyalty, including how A/B testing can help maximise value chain opportunities

Module 5

Unpacking warehousing, fulfilment, shipping and tracking

  • Investigate frameworks for managing inventory and uncover best practice stock management techniques for optimising margins
  • Understand innovative analytical tools that are necessary for successful e-commerce warehousing and distribution

Module 6

What’s next?

  • Explore the future of e-commerce including trends and what to look out for
  • Stay across the analytical tools and the importance of continuously evaluating your e-commerce strategy and implementation

Learn with Industry Experts

Get ready to meet some of the biggest names in the business

Michael Titshall
Michael TitshallSubject matter expert

Our subject matter experts on this course include people like Michael Titshall. Michael is the Vice President and Managing Director of R/GA Australia, a global creative consultancy with various innovation offerings that include R/GA’s adaptive e-commerce approach. He is passionate about helping brands grow through creative solutions, having led agencies across the spectrum of brand, creative, technology and media services. 

David Pisker
David PiskerSubject matter expert

David Pisker is the General Manager – Strategy and Innovation at Officeworks. Prior to this, David was the General Manager – Customer Experience & E-commerce within the company. With over 20 years’ experience, David’s has helped deliver customer-focused solutions to a range of local and international industries. David is also a passionate contributor to the CX and digital communities, including speaking, writing, and podcasting for several major publications and conferences.

Geoff Kwan
Geoff Kwan Subject matter expert

Geoff Kwan has spent the last 20 years in a variety of digital, technology, and e-commerce roles and industries. With an engineering degree and a passion for technology, Geoff has led digital and e-commerce functions in businesses such as Foxtel and Samsung. Currently he is the Vice-Presidient, Digital and Product Technology at Koala. At Koala, Geoff is part of the team that looks after its global websites and its end-to-end e-commerce platform, ensuring customers have the best possible experience with Koala.

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