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Student Experience and Frequently Asked Questions

Never feel like you’re studying our Bachelor of Business alone with our online learning student support and Frequently Asked Questions. 

The online learning experience 

Troubleshoot problems easily, from enrolment till your day of graduation. Flexibly study around your work or life commitments with our personalised student experience tools and support, designed to keep you on track and set up for success. 

Online facilitator 

You'll study in a small cohort of around 25 students under the expert guidance of an Online Facilitator who has industry experience and academic qualifications in your field of study. Having an online facilitator, gives you opportunities to ask questions, get feedback, engage with peers, and connect to how things work in the industry. 

Student support 

Our Student success team will be there to help you from the moment you join us, through onboarding webinars, phone calls, online resources, study coaching, and more. Rest assured that you’ll get the support you need when you need it. 

Onboarding for success 

You'll get access to an onboarding module that prepares you for an online study journey. This onboarding module will have helpful study tips, academic skills, insights, and information about key tools and services available to you. By completing this module, you’ll be set up for success in your studies.  

Personal learning profile 

All our students are encouraged to engage with our personal learning profile tool, which has been informed by the latest educational research. Understanding your personal learning profile will give you insights into your strengths and opportunities you have on your learning journey.  

Active learning 

Each course is designed using our best practice learning design approaches for active learning. Active learning, such as games, case studies, scenarios, and interactive content, benefits your study because you apply new knowledge, practice new skills, and are better prepared for your assessments. Students in active learning courses are shown to be more successful.


You’ll get access to your own learning portfolio that you can build on throughout your degree. Research shows that students who use a portfolio as part of their study can more easily articulate and showcase their achievements, develop deeper learning, and have a better sense of themselves as learners.   

Progress insights 

Each course provides you with a visual indicator to show your progress through the course. Seeing your progress helps you plan, manage, and navigate your study time and learning activities for your own study success.

For more information about RMIT Online’s student support services, please check out our Student Tips and Resources.  

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