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RMIT Online Terms

1) Studying with RMIT Online

When you study with RMIT Online, you agree to comply with the RMIT Policies and Terms. Our Policies include those regarding Privacy (and how your personal information is collected and managed) and Student Responsibilities.


If what you are studying (the Course) involves a third party partner product, such as a chat or meeting tool or to facilitate a badge or credential, you may be required to agree to their user terms in order to participate in the Course, and for your personal information to be provided to them. Other key features and terms may also be set out in the relevant Course guide or FAQ page.


2) Payment and discounts

For most online Future Skills, micro credential and short Courses individuals will be required to make payment at the time of enrolment or booking. 


For organisations booking a Course for numerous team members, personnel or nominated participants, we will usually issue an invoice when a purchase order or relevant letter of authority is received by us. This invoice must be paid in full as required by the invoice. Generally, a full course fee is still payable, even if a participant does not attend or login to the relevant Course. 


Some Courses may be paid for in conjunction with a promotional code or other discount arrangement. Promotional codes may only be redeemed once per person during the relevant promotional period to provide a Course fee discount. Unless otherwise specified in promotional terms, the total amount of all applicable discounts may not exceed 25% of the Course fee. Generally, you must notify us before you make payment if you are eligible for any discounts.


If you are using a certain payment method (eg PayPal), you will be charged the relevant fees associated with those mechanisms in addition to the relevant Course fees.


If your Course is being paid for or funded by your employer, government body, professional association, or other third party (sponsor), you provide consent for RMIT Online to release information relating to your enrolment and studies to your sponsor, including your academic progress, conduct, results and grades.


3) Changes and cancellations by RMIT

We may need to change a Course’s details or cancel a Course because of circumstances beyond our reasonable control, including insufficient enrolments. For online short Courses, if it is cancelled, we will offer you a refund or an alternative enrolment in a different Course, or a later Course offering.  


4) Cancellations by students

For online short Courses:

  • we require that you make the cancellation in writing to us; and
  • you may cancel your enrolment at no cost, with a full refund, up to 5 Business Days after the Course start date. 


If you have purchased a program (ie a series of online short Courses in a bundle) the refund may be limited to those remaining Courses which have not yet started, and will be net of any discounts received for the short Courses which have been taken.


You can apply for special consideration if you need to cancel an enrolment after the stated cut-off date, and you would like a refund. Depending on how much time has elapsed since the Course start date, or cut-off date, we may only be able to provide a partial refund, or we may not be able to provide a refund at all. 


Refunds will only be credited to the original funding source (eg credit card), or via other means as approved by RMIT. 


5) Transfers and deferrals

For online short Courses:

  • you may transfer to another Course of the same value at no cost, provided you make a request to do so in writing within 5 Business Days of the Course start date.
  • we are not able to effect transfers more than 5 Business Days after the Course starts.


Whether you can defer an online short Course depends on whether it is scheduled to run at a later date, and the applicable enrolment process. We cannot guarantee that a Course will always be run at a future date. If we are unable to defer your enrolment, it will be treated as a cancellation.


  • If you are able to defer to a later session of the same Course, any assignments you may have completed before deferring will not be credited to the Course when you reenrol.
  • You may only defer from the current short Course to the next available short Course of the same type.


If you are transferring from another Course, the Course start date will be deemed to be that of the original Course you were first enrolled in.

In these terms, Business Days means any day in metropolitan Victoria which is not a public holiday, Saturday or Sunday. 


6) Future Skills short courses – 2024 New Year promotion

We are offering a limited time discount on single purchases of selected Future Skills short courses with a scheduled course run in 2024. 

The amount of the discount, and when it ends for each course, will be shown on the relevant Future Skills short course page on our website. 

To secure the discount, you must apply the advertised discount code for your Future Skills short course at the checkout before the end date listed on its course page. We may extend this promotion or end it early without prior notice to you.

The discount does not apply to:

  • any Future Skills short courses delivered in partnership with Udacity (these courses are advertised as being ‘Powered by Udacity’);
  • any accredited programs; and
  • any course bundles

In the event a course scheduled for 2024 is unavailable or does not run for any reason, the discount cannot be applied to a subsequent run of a Future Skills course, or deferred in any way. The discount cannot be combined with any other offers, discounts or promotions. The discount is non-transferable and cannot be redeemed for cash. It cannot be applied to previous orders or transactions.