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RMIT Online’s research seeks to better understand the challenges and opportunities ahead of us in the world of work through collaboration with government, industry and education. Check out our latest research reports. 

Ready, Set, Upskill: Maximising the ROI of skills and training

Australian businesses are expecting to spend approximately $8 billion on learning and development in 2024. And yet, nearly half of businesses we surveyed admit they aren’t prioritising training budgets to adequately address skills gaps. While spend is on the rise, one in eight Australian businesses are planning on halving their L&D budgets, leaving them at risk of a serious skills gap.  

Previous reports

Ready, Set, Upskill: Prioritising skills for a resilient workforce

In the post-pandemic economy, digital skills are crucial for Australia's labour market as the pace of digitisation accelerates. This report is the third in a series that looks into what skills are growing the quickest across the job market, the cost business stands to lose by not addressing these gaps and the role of training to bridge the divide.

The salary trap

In a moment of change in the job market amidst economic uncertainty, this report aims to understand how these transformations impact workers and companies, in a phenomenon we call the ‘Salary Trap'.

Ready, set, upskill: Fast track growth with digital skills

This report provides fresh insights into the current and future impact of key disruptions on skill sets and talent shortages across Australia's occupational landscape.

Ready, set, upskill: Effective training for the jobs of tomorrow

Are we ready for the jobs of tomorrow? This report provides fresh insights into the skill needs post-COVID, how prepared Australians feel for a changing workplace, and how to train for the future.

The value of lifelong learning in professional industries

Australian careers are changing, with emerging technologies, industry shifts and economic factors influencing the nature of work.