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Business & Finance

Equip yourself with skills as a modern leader and learn critical strategy, leadership, and finance skills to drive growth and innovation.

Business & Finance study areas

Agile Delivery

Agile is a highly effective framework that is transforming the way organisations operate and deliver value to their customers. Agile methods integrate planning with execution, allowing an organisation to create a working mindset that helps a team respond effectively to changing requirements.


Uncover how the blockchain is revolutionising Industry 4.0. Explore a new way to do business with blockchain strategy and solutions.

Business Law

Understand the legislation and regulations that underpin the ethics and governance behind successful business operations.

Business Management

Learn the fundamental skills required to efficiently run a business including strategy, leading, organising and controlling.

Business Strategy

Develop the skillset to successfully leading a business' vision. Learn the art of prioritisation and performance measurement.

Finance & Accounting

Develop the skills central to a business' analysis, summary, and reporting of their financial transactions.

Human Resources (HR)

Recruit, train, and retain exceptional talent, and learn what it takes to build a strong company culture.

Product Management

From concept to launch, learn what it takes to lead the vision, strategy, experience, and execution of a digital product.

Project Management

Master the art of delivering exceptional projects. Understand how to manage constraints and set up measures for project success.

Supply Chain & Logistics

Advance your career within the import and export, manufacturing, transport and logistics management industries.

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