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How RMIT Online graduate landed her dream job at one of the Big Four

Chloe Stranger took advantage of the pandemic downtime to upskill and expand her skillset in Data and Analytics.

Data Analytics

Strengthening the digital workforce through the Victorian Government’s $64m digital upskill plan


Watch: Why brand transparency is the most important business currency

Check out our latest 'On the couch' webinar with experts from Thankyou and Thinkerbell

Digital Marketing

Expressions of interest wanted for micro-credentialed short course co-sponsorships

Professional development opportunity for emerging digital health professionals ending October


R U OK?: RMIT Online's check-in

Checking in with your friends and colleagues has never been more important

Human Resources (HR)

The Great Debate: Should you train your staff or hire new skills?

HR leaders and business decision-makers are in a bind

Cloud & Software Solutions

Why upskilling is future proofing your career

With most of their staff working remotely, companies need robust digital infrastructure, they need the right systems in place, and they need staff who can adapt to changing circumstances on the fly.

Data Science

How do you support your employee's development in a hybrid workforce?

Research from PwC shows that only nine percent of people who can work remotely want to go back to a traditional commuting arrangement. What does this mean for training?

Agile Delivery

Taking stock of your mid-year career development

So, where DO you see yourself in five years time?

Digital Marketing

NEWS: Next-generation Bachelor of Business courses designed to meet the future of education

RMIT & RMIT Online launches new programs with industry partners Amazon Web Services (AWS), Adobe, Australian Red Cross, and Medibank

Business & Finance

4 ways that AI has helped during the pandemic

Artificial intelligence offers humanity a weapon against COVID-19, but it’s up to us to use it effectively

Artificial Intelligence

What skills will we need in a post-COVID world?

The good news is, many of these don’t require enormous investments of time and money to learn!

Agile Delivery

5 fintech trends to watch out for in 2021

We sat down with Matthew Sek, Associate Director of Commercial Strategy at Airwallex to look at some of the big trends we can expect in 2021.

Finance & Accounting

Why your best employees are leaving and how to stop it

We dive into how training, flexible work policies and recognition programs can prevent skilled people leaving your workplace

Human Resources (HR)

Watch: In conversation with RMIT Online Teacher, Lily James.

London-based Lily reflects on how she and our other online learning facilitators collaborate to shape a vibrant and personalised learning space for all students

Digital Marketing