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Whose responsibility is it to prepare for disruption: business or employee?

The most efficient way to prepare for disruption is training and upskilling your staff, and research suggests that’s also the best way to keep them around too.

CX Design & Strategy

What place do big tech companies have in the healthcare industry?

COVID-19 has changed consumer expectations around healthcare: There’s a public desire for innovation and change. And if Big Tech is good at anything, it’s selling our desires.


The Future is Bright for Digital Health – DHCRC announces eight full scholarships for Emerging Digital Health Champions

Eight scholarships, valued at $10,800 each, are on offer for individuals employed in a healthcare setting and who meet the broader eligibility requirements. 

Health Transformation

Which type of digital marketing course is best for you?

The big questions is what kind of digital marketer do you want to be? We break down all the different areas below.

Digital Marketing

How to develop a digital growth mindset in your team

The perfect team is the one in front of you. They just don’t know it yet.

Agile Delivery

Social Media Listening and Monitoring: A must-have for any Business

Social media monitoring and listening is crucial to the health and success of any social media marketing campaign

Digital Marketing

From Social Media Therapist to Blockchain Accountant - RMIT Online and Thinkerbell Reimagine Jobs of the Future

New campaign offers Aussies a glimpse into the future of work to put today’s skills towards tomorrow’s jobs.


Should telehealth consultations and services become the ‘new normal’ in Australia?

Healthcare has traditionally been a slow-moving, cautious industry, but COVID has forced Australian healthcare to make changes within weeks that would otherwise have taken years.


Are we all just a little bit biased? Understanding how to avoid bias in your teaching practice

By the RMIT Online Learning & Teaching Team

Human Resources (HR)

How can data analytics make society better?

5 ways data science is being used to drive real-world positive change

Data Analytics

RMIT Online introduces stackable credentials to fast-track talent to high demand jobs

Students who have completed approved Future Skills courses will be able to earn credit towards Graduate Certificates and MBA qualifications


The unfair future of artificial intelligence

Will A.I be a good thing for the future of work, for the future of healthcare, for the future of technology and society? Most experts say yes

Artificial Intelligence

The top emerging digital skills for 2021

50 per cent of all employees, everywhere, will need to reskill by 2025 to keep up with the skills gap

Project Management

RMIT Online aims to future-proof accountants with Airwallex, Xero and BlueRock

New program upskills accounting practitioners with technology, analytics and strategic capabilities to navigate industry evolution.

IT & Security

RMIT Online research reveals one in two would prefer upskilling benefits rather than free work lunches

RMIT Online research reveals one in two would prefer upskilling benefits rather than a "fun" work culture