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RMIT Online launch enhanced iOS app development course to capture growth potential of app economy

App Development

Digital marketing trends to look out for in 2021

Ai chat bots, Analytics Gurus and Social Shopping, Marketing is like any relationship, you get out what you put in.

Digital Marketing

How to start an online business in 2021

You don’t have to do all of these to start an online business, but they’ll certainly increase your chances of success.

UX & UI Design

What does the Facebook news ban mean for digital marketers?

We spoke to two of our content and social media gurus about how the ban affects the industry, and how to handle it going forward.

Digital Marketing

Watch: Technology Skills will be critical for a post-pandemic recovery

Check out out latest 'On the couch' webinar with experts from Deloitte, DHCRC and Isobar

Artificial Intelligence

The $10b tech skills challenge to Australia’s recovery

RMIT Online launches new skills report with Deloitte Access Economics

Artificial Intelligence

5 big trends that will change your online shopping experience

We’re already living in the future of e-commerce. Here are some of the big online shopping trends we can expect in 2021.

Digital Marketing

Sara Weuffen, Online Facilitator Coach

Sara talks to us about the RMIT Online coaching program, remote working, and what she does to maintain a good work-life balance.

Digital Marketing

Why your business needs a product manager

Technical knowledge can be learned, but trust has to be earned

Product Management

What’s in a degree?

Faced with the combined might of Silicon Valley, universities have been forced to adapt

Artificial Intelligence

Upskilling: whose responsibility is it anyway?

Do businesses have an obligation towards their employees, or do we need to start taking ownership of our own careers?

Digital Marketing

Why we need hybrid skills for hybrid jobs

COVID-19 isn’t the end of business, but it is the end of business as usual

Artificial Intelligence

Why Cyber Security is everybody’s business

The days of digital naivety are over

Cyber Security

5 New Year’s resolutions that you'll actually stick to

Five realistic New Year’s Resolutions to carry you into the warm embrace of 2021

Artificial Intelligence

After 2020, will we ever be the same ever again?

Artificial Intelligence