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The Victoria Public Sector Commission delivering Micro-Credential Program

The Micro-Credentialing Program was funded under the Public Sector Innovation Fund

Watch: Career shifts and navigating change in the new year

Watch our latest webinar on career shifts and navigating change in the new year with speakers from Adobe, Slack and KK Consulting

New year, new you: the most in-demand skills employers are looking for

So, what are the most in-demand skills for 2024?
IT & Security

How RMIT Online's short course helped this student navigate a career transition to meet job criteria

Meet Jenni Curry who successfully completed RMIT Online’s Project Management for Professionals short course
Project Management

Discover the study experience of our Digital Graphic Design short course through the lens of an RMIT Online alumna

Learn more about why Ophelia Torres decided to study graphic design with RMIT Online

Watch: Juris Doctor info session

Watch the lastest webinar and learn more about RMIT Online's Juris Doctor program
Business Law

Transforming healthcare through human-centered design: An interview with RMIT Online alumni, Bismi Jomon

Bismi Jomon undertook our short course Design thinking for Innovation to enhance patient care through design thinking

A 2023 reflection

Nic Cola, RMIT Online CEO, takes a look back at the year that was

RMIT Online Alumni, Brent Ali on studying Brand Experience and Content Marketing

We chat to Brent Ali about studying Brand Experience and Content Marketing with RMIT Online
Brand Experience

Watch: Masterclass: Deep dive into modern work with Deloitte

Watch this masterclass with Deloitte's Human Capital consulting team
Business & Finance

Using Large Language Models (LLMs) in marketing analytics

Hear from RMITO mentor on his journey to becoming a marketing analyst and understanding the role of LLMs in complexities in digital marketing

Watch: Product Management in a customer-centric world

Check out our latest webinar on Product Management with Narelle Charity & Ed Bobeff
Product Management

From behind the lens to strategic success: Natalia’s journey with RMIT Online

Natalia Boccalon recently undertook RMIT Online's Digital Marketing Strategy & Campaigns course to explore creative strategy.
Digital Marketing

696,716 young Aussies considering career changes

A seismic shift is on the horizon for the workforce, as one in four workers under the age of 30-years contemplate a career change.

Co-designing and delivering tailor-made storytelling short course for Waka Kotahi teams

Waka Kotahi recognised challenges and internal gaps around power skills that were hindering career development.