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Watch: The changing face of Australian retail

RMIT Online presents our next "On The Couch" Webinar with experts from Koala, Officeworks and Big W

Digital Marketing

What are Micro Credentials? And why are they important?

The future of education is bite-sized. 


How to manage digital transformation

It’s the most important enterprise change going around. So why do so many businesses struggle? 

Business & Finance

Why "new hires" aren’t the answer

Invest in your people, and they’ll pay you back with interest.

Business & Finance

How to keep your skillset relevant  

The shelf-life of the average learned skill is just five years. So what does that mean for the future of work?

White Paper

How to approach a career change in 2020

Our top tips on landing a new career during the COVID pandemic

UX & UI Design

Blockchain: The effects on Australia in the next 5 years

with Harris Monos - Senior Consultant at IBM


How COVID-19 has changed e-commerce for good

We’re buying more online than ever before. But how long will the good times last?  

Digital Marketing

How to stay up-to-date with emerging media trends & tactics

and implement them in your marketing strategy

Digital Marketing

RMIT Online launches course in e-commerce to help retailers meet surging demand for online shopping

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the demand for e-commerce in Australia by 91%

Digital Marketing

RMIT Online launches new course in partnership with iconic brands to lift the lid on Brand Experience

Digital Marketing

The Pickle EPISODE 9: Raising Capital in the age of COVID with Cheryl Mack, Stone & Chalk and Matt Salier, RMIT Activator


SIM and RMIT Online join forces to upskill Singaporeans for a hyper-digital future

SIM to leverage the Australian university’s disruptive online education model for mass workforce upskilling

Artificial Intelligence

4 Healthtech Trends We’ll See In 2021

From AI-powered surgery to wearable biosensors, this is the future of healthcare.

Health Transformation

Watch: The future of cyber security in Australia

Our on the couch series continues with Sean Duca, Palo Alto Networks and Asha Rao, RMIT University

Cyber Security