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How does employee training and development benefit your business

Looking for ways to improve business productivity? Here is how employee training and development can benefit your business.
Human Resources (HR)

Celebrating International Women's Day with inspirational stories from the women across RMIT Online

We spoke with some of the women across RMIT Online from different teams and backgrounds on what this year's theme means to them.
International Women's Day

Digital skills gap costing Australian businesses $9 million per day

A new study by RMIT Online and Deloitte Access Economics reveals the digital skills gap is costing Australian businesses $3.1 billion annually.
Cyber Security

Telstra partners with RMIT Online to better prepare the workforce of the future

Telstra has partnered with RMIT Online to develop a solution to address building internal capabilities.
case study

What is Web 3.0?

Get ready for a new era of the web with Web3.0! Discover the future of technology and how it will change the way we interact online
IT & Security

How will the metaverse change the digital landscape in Australia?

The emergence of the Metaverse is having an impact on the digital landscape and small businesses, changing the way they operate.
IT & Security

Watch: Masterclass: The power of visualisation for data storytelling with Paul Vaartjes

Watch this masterclass on data storytelling with Paul Vaartjes- RMIT Online future skills mentor
Data Science

What workplace challenges did we face in 2022?

We spoke with some of RMIT Online’s leaders about the challenges workplaces had this year and what 2023 may look like.
Human Resources (HR)

Top digital design podcasts in 2023

So which podcasts are worth your precious listening time? Here are some of the most popular design podcasts for 2023. 

Why UX design is so important for business

UX measures how a consumer feels when interacting with a system. It’s the art, and science, of trying to fulfil the user’s needs.
UX & UI Design

Your essential product designer toolkit for 2023

The trick is trying some of these tools, and figuring out which ones fit your cadence, and your team. 
Product Management

How to successfully transition between different design fields

If you got your start in traditional print or graphic design, it’s easy to make the switch to a digital or product-driven career.

Online safety tips to stay safe from cyber attacks

Stats show that 34 per cent of Australians have experienced some form of cybercrime in the last 12 months, with a total economic impact of $3.5 billion
IT & Security

Here's why mindfulness should play a role in UX design

You'll be surprised how much the two fields complement each other, and how mindfulness can improve your UX practice
UX & UI Design

Watch: How training with RMIT Online and The Digital Jobs program lead to a new career opportunity for Swati

Thanks to the Digital Jobs program Swati was able to upskill in an RMIT Online course for Digital Analytics
Digital Marketing