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Silicon-Valley's EdTech unicorn Udacity doubles down on growing Australia’s tech and digital capabilities

RMIT Online & Udacity partner to upskill Aussies in the future of work: Flying Car & Autonomous Flight Engineer, Deep Learning, Ethical Hacker & Ethical AI
Science & Engineering

Digital skills gap costing Australian businesses $9 million per day

A new study by RMIT Online and Deloitte Access Economics reveals the digital skills gap is costing Australian businesses $3.1 billion annually.
Cyber Security

Why choose a career in DevOps in 2022?

DevOps is not a role, person or title. It’s a way of thinking and building that can be applied across disciplines

Strengthening the digital workforce through the Victorian Government’s $64m digital upskill plan

In our recent study with Deloitte, we found that around 87% of jobs in Australia require a level of digital skills

Sara Weuffen, Online Facilitator Coach

Sara talks to us about the RMIT Online coaching program, remote working, and what she does to maintain a good work-life balance.
Digital Marketing

Fee-free tech and future skills training for NT residents through partnership between RMIT and NT Government

NT applicants can select from a range of online short courses in more than 30 business, technology and design areas.

Watch: What was it like studying App Development with RMIT Online?

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RMIT Online meets increasing demand for DevOps professionals with new addition to Future Skills portfolio

National vacancies for DevOps Engineer roles are set to grow 21 per cent in the next five years.

Watch: John changed his career from Train Guard to App Developer with RMIT Online

We recently sat down with John Gibson, an iOS App Development with Swift graduate, to discuss the importance of learning how to code

Watch: How studying with RMIT Online landed Michael his dream Job

Study with RMIT Online

Is Python the future of AI programming?

Python founder, Guido van Rossum, didn’t fully appreciate what he was building back in 1989.

Teacher learns Swift to help students build apps

We catch up with one of our students to find out how they are using Swift in the classroom