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How to upskill your team when resources and budget are limited

More and more, employees are starting to value education and professional development over ping pong tables and Friday drinks
Cyber Security

The relevance of being a digital leader in today's world

In the current market, digital skills are being increasingly recognised as business skills. Here's why digital leadership matters in today’s world
Digital Leadership

Data storytelling. What is it, and why does everyone want it?

Forbes has named Data Storytelling as one of the most important tech skills for 2023
Data Science

Silicon-Valley's EdTech unicorn Udacity doubles down on growing Australia’s tech and digital capabilities

RMIT Online & Udacity partner to upskill Aussies in the future of work: Flying Car & Autonomous Flight Engineer, Deep Learning, Ethical Hacker & Ethical AI
Science & Engineering

Upskilling and empowering: Veronica's journey with RMIT Online's Implementing Digital Marketing Campaigns

Veronica Wnuk undertook RMIT Online's short course to keep her skill set relevant after she graduated

How to create a realistic employee development plan

Crafting a path to success involves a clear plan. So how do you develop a realistic employee development plan?
Human Resources (HR)

Building Victoria’s digital workforce

Deloitte predicts Victoria needs 33,000 more tech workers by 2024.
Cyber Security

WATCH: Masterclass: How can we use AI to help supercharge innovation?

Watch this masterclass on how we can use AI to help supercharge innovation with Nigel Dalton- Social Scientist at Thoughtworks.
Artificial Intelligence

Can you teach cyber security?

There are two words on every industry’s mind right now: AI and cybersecurity.  
Cyber Security

Introducing Nic Cola

Nic tells us more about his background and ambitions for the future of RMIT Online

How can we use AI to supercharge RMIT Online?

RMIT Online held an internal event which brought together team members for two days of collaboration around the power of AI.

How to ask your boss for training budget

Asking your boss for a training budget can be challenging, but we've got you covered with this email template.

How to build a brand strategy for your business

A successful brand strategy is built on deep customer insights and understanding the market.
Business Strategy

Are your best people quitting in 2023?

Finding talent is one thing, but keeping them is a whole other challenge. Discover why your best people might be leaving in 2023
Business Management

What's your problem?

How these companies turned their problems into businesses.
Business & Finance