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Why UX design is so important for business

UX measures how a consumer feels when interacting with a system. It’s the art, and science, of trying to fulfil the user’s needs.
UX & UI Design

How to successfully transition between different design fields

If you got your start in traditional print or graphic design, it’s easy to make the switch to a digital or product-driven career.

Here's why mindfulness should play a role in UX design

You'll be surprised how much the two fields complement each other, and how mindfulness can improve your UX practice
UX & UI Design

5 in demand jobs that didn’t exist 10 years ago (and how to get them).

Some jobs that didn’t exist 10 years ago have become highly sought after, so what are they? And how can you stay relevant?
Data Science

What’s the difference between UX, Service Design and Digital Product Design?

They’re great careers for people who are curious, analytical, creative, tech savvy. But which one is right for you?

Watch: How will design impact our future?

The industry has evolved beyond design craft itself, and the role of a designer today is so multifaceted. So where is design going from here?

Report: The Office Clash: How back to work policies are dividing management and workers

With most businesses going back to the office without government restrictions, they are now defining their new working models for the future 
Business Management

Future of Work Report: 71% of workers want to spend time at home

Almost half of the Australians are back in the office full time, but 71% of these workers want to spend time at home
Agile Delivery

What is digital product design?

If you’re looking for a tech career with plenty of flexibility and creativity, digital product design could be a good fit for you.

RMIT Online and Canva partner to train hybrid designers

RMIT Online partneres with Canva, as well as with Symplicit, REA Group and Fjord to build new programs

The Big UX trends for 2022

User Experience is the science that governs how users interact with the digital world. But how is it changing in a post COVID world?
UX & UI Design

Strengthening the digital workforce through the Victorian Government’s $64m digital upskill plan

In our recent study with Deloitte, we found that around 87% of jobs in Australia require a level of digital skills

Challenge the narrative: Why we need to see more women in tech roles

We spoke to some of our industry mentors in the lead up to International Women's Day about highlighting the importance of women in tech, and what they #ChooseToChallenge this year.
CX Design & Strategy

How to start an online business in 2021

You don’t have to do all of these to start an online business, but they’ll certainly increase your chances of success.
UX & UI Design

Watch: What was it like studying online in 2020?

How some of our students found an opportunity to upskill online during COVID-19
Digital Marketing