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Watch: The changing face of Australian retail

RMIT Online presents our next "On The Couch" Webinar with experts from Koala, Officeworks and Big W

Digital Marketing

The Pickle EPISODE 9: Raising Capital in the age of COVID with Cheryl Mack, Stone & Chalk and Matt Salier, RMIT Activator


Watch: The future of cyber security in Australia

Our on the couch series continues with Sean Duca, Palo Alto Networks and Asha Rao, RMIT University

Cyber Security

The Pickle EPISODE 8: Can you learn to be creative? with Russel Howcroft


Watch: On the Couch with Russel Howcroft

Join us on the couch with Russel Howcroft to look at the future of marketing post COVID-19 and discuss which brands are telling their stories well in 2020

Business & Finance

The Pickle EPISODE 7: The potential of blockchain with Alan Tsen, Chairman of Fintech Australia


Watch: On the couch with Natalia Bezerra

Natalia Traldi Bezerra, Strategy Director at Isobar joins RMIT Online in our next On the Couch.

Digital Marketing

Watch: On the couch with Nigel Dalton

Leaning into remote work: shifting mindsets to improve collaboration, creativity and productivity

Design Thinking

The Pickle EPISODE 6: Sheryl Thai, League of Extraordinary Women.


Watch: Yawen landed her dream job working in A.I

Artificial Intelligence

The Pickle EPISODE 5: Why you will have 18 different jobs in your future career


Watch: What was it like studying App Development with RMIT Online?


The Pickle EPISODE 4: Women in emerging Tech and Law with Sivan Whiteley of Square, and Joni Pirovich

Business Law

Watch: RMIT Online CEO Helen Souness and Sean Duca from Palo Alto Networks talk about Cyber Security

Data Science

Meet the Mentor - Gabor Devenyi, Agile Coach