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Graduate Certificate in Accounting Advisory and Technology

Develop strategic advisory and data insight capabilities to navigate complex problems and provide business advice for clients. Utilise emerging technology to contribute to the future of accounting as an innovator for strategic change.

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20 Sep 2021

Future intakes
Oct 2021
Number of courses
9 months

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Program Overview

Why study Accounting Advisory and Technology?

Our Graduate Certificate in Accounting Advisory and Technology will upskill you with technological, analytic, and strategic capabilities to take on the new world of accounting. First, you’ll examine emerging technological trends and their impact on accounting. You'll develop advisory techniques to help clients develop short and long-term business goals and navigate complex problems with recommended solutions. Next, you’ll learn how to use data visualisations to gather insights and communicate business decisions to stakeholders.

By the end of this program, you’ll also have the skills to formulate and communicate financial analysis, forecasts, and reports to advisory clients. This program will also enable you to choose from a breadth of electives, that can be selected from your relevant sector or interest, including law, cryptofinance, blockchain, artificial intelligence and more.

Program outcomes

  • Promote and develop client and customer relationships centred around trust, insights, and value-adding accounting and advisory techniques.
  • Investigate and integrate technologies to define opportunities that deliver business efficiency, quality, or knowledge benefits.
  • Analyse business data and industry trends and synthesise financial and non-financial data sources.
  • Derive insights and make recommendations using data visualisation and storytelling strategies.
  • Formulate and effectively communicate business success strategies that identify new avenues for value and growth leveraging technologies.

Why study at RMIT Online?


Emerging Technologies in Accounting

Critically examine emerging technological trends, their impact on accounting practice and processes, and their ability to solve accounting-related problems. Identify and consider ethical, security, and governance implications of technology in accounting and how they can be integrated to help build stakeholder trust.

  • Critically analyse client needs/problems and identify opportunities and value enabled by technology.
  • Evaluate current and emerging technologies to determine their potential to deliver business value and achieve strategic alignment.
  • Analyse ethical, security, and governance issues and challenges related to emerging technologies in accounting practice and processes.
  • Develop solutions and recommendations to integrate technological changes to accounting practice and processes.

Visualising and Communicating Insights in Business

Learn how to develop different types of visualisations from various data sources and craft a narrative based on insights extracted to deliver on stakeholders’ needs.

  • Apply concepts, best practices, and ethical guidelines related to data visualisation and storytelling.
  • Propose appropriate visualisation techniques for synthesised data from multiple sources.
  • Design insightful and engaging visualisations and craft evidence-based narratives to meet the needs and requirements of your target audience.
  • Justify the selection of the appropriate visualisation techniques for different varieties of data.
  • Critically analyse and evaluate different data visualisations and storytelling techniques that effectively visualise and communicate data in hand.

Strategic Advisory for Accounting

Develop the capacity to effectively respond to the needs of advisory clients by formulating and communicating financial analysis, forecasts, reports, and strategy. In this course, you’ll get the opportunity to prepare for an advisory relationship with a client to develop their business and financial goals. You’ll identify value add opportunities and develop short and long-term strategies and communicate complex problems and solutions to clients.

  • Critically analyse client needs to advise and develop business plans and strategic goals.
  • Formulate strategic advice for clients based on internal and external information sources.
  • Track and report against performance to recalibrate client milestones and goals against a roadmap.
  • Apply methods and strategies for building client engagement, management, communication, conflict resolution, and trust building skills.
  • Demonstrate accountability for actions as a professional with a thorough understanding of ethical obligations, responsibilities and consequences of ethical decisions as outlined in the Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants.

Option course

For this course, choose one from the following courses or two-course Future Skills combinations:

  • Data and Privacy in the Digital Age
  • Digital Transformation Strategy and Governance
  • Customer Relationships and Influencing Stakeholders
  • Blockchain and the Cryptoeconomy
  • Cryptofinance
  • Law and Policy for Emerging Technologies

Future Skills two-course combinations

  • Future Skills: Developing Blockchain and Strategy and Cyber Security Risk and Governance
  • Future Skills: Developing AI Strategy and Cyber Security Risk and Governance
  • Future Skills: Digital Leadership and Customer Experience Strategy and Design
  • Future Skills: Digital Leadership and Digital Marketing Strategy

Why choose RMIT Online

Get a world-class education and transform your career.

Real world skills

Develop skills that have been validated by industry, while getting credentialed by a world-leading university.

Industry connected

You'll gain knowledge and practical skills from renowned industry partners who are at the forefront of their field.

Flexible delivery

Advance your career while you study. RMIT Online courses let you balance work, study and life commitments.

Supported community

Be guided by a network of industry experts and peers, and supported by our dedicated success team.

Entry requirements

An Australian Bachelor of Accounting or equivalent, or higher-level qualification from a recognised tertiary institution, or a Bachelor of Business plus two years of relevant work experience.

If you don't have these academic qualifications, you may be eligible for entrance into this program if you have a minimum of 5 years full-time Equivalent (FTE) work experience in either an accounting, business management, or information systems field. Evidence of working in an accounting related role is required. Applicants will need to submit a CV.

English Language

International students are required to provide current evidence of English language proficiency for admission to RMIT University. You can provide your results from one of these three options:

  • An accepted English language proficiency test, or
  • An accepted English language provider, or
  • A recognised Australian or international qualification.

For detailed information on English language requirements and other proficiency tests recognised by RMIT, visit the English language requirements and equivalency information.

Australian Student Visas

RMIT’s Online Graduate Certificate in Accounting Advisory and Technology does not meet Australian student visa requirements. For an Australian student visa, you must have an on-campus place in a program of study. For more details on RMIT’s on-campus programs visit


3840per course

Program total: 15360 (all 4 courses)*FEE-HELP and other support may be available
* Plus a capped Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) based on your credit point enrolment load.

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