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Ethical AI

Explore how to enable artificial intelligence ethics principles to counteract bias for a fair and ethical future. Delve into how this pathway will lead us towards a future where AI operates ethically, ensuring fairness and impartiality.

Delivered to you in partnership with Udacity.

AI and machine learning fundamentals
Time commitment
4 weeks, approximately 5 hours per week
AI and machine learning fundamentals
Time commitment
4 weeks, approximately 5 hours per week

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As the use of Artificial Intelligence continues to rise, so do the questions surrounding the ethicality of the technology. According to a recent study by IBM, executives ranking AI ethics as important jumped from less than 50% in 2018 to nearly 75% in 2021.  

This course empowers learners to approach and apply ethical AI, teaching them to design and build models with fairness and limited bias. Students will gain ethical AI literacy skills, enabling more meaningful discussions across AI disciplines and applying ethical principles to their organisations. 

This Ethics of Artificial Intelligence course will be delivered to you in partnership with Udacity, meaning you'll have access to both Udacity's learning and career services as well as RMIT Online's course enablement support through our Learner Success team. 

Course overview

Learn more about our Ethical AI course in the video below.

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Course structure

  • Articulate the context and motivation for ethical AI. 
  • Create an ethical AI perspective to understand the strengths and weaknesses of our thinking. 

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