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Intro to Programming

Learn programming fundamentals including HTML, CSS, Python, and JavaScript. Ignite your passion for practice and develop the curiosity to experiment with your code.

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Course Structure

Module 1

Introduction to HTML

For this section, you will submit your very first programming file containing HTML code. You'll cover HTML basics (HTML tags, HTML syntax, whitespace and more) and submit your very first programming file containing HTML code

Module 2

Introduction to CSS

In this module, you’ll learn both HTML and CSS – both languages for developing websites. For the project, you’ll use HTML and CSS to make animal trading cards. You will apply your knowledge of HTML document structure to your html file and then create custom CSS styling based on your preferences. This project will demonstrate your understanding of linking CSS files in HTML files, implementing CSS classes to avoid repetition, as well as create semantically organised HTML code.

Module 3

Introduction to Python

The Introduction to Python module will explore the Python programming language. You will finish by building your own interactive game using Python that can be shared with your friends.

Module 4

Introduction to JavaScript

Explore a quick overview of the vast world of programming. After this section, you’ll have a better understanding of different options you have as a programmer.

Module 5

What's next?

In this last module, you'll understand the different uses for your programming skills:

  • Learn about front end web developers who create intuitive and responsive websites
  • Learn about back-end web programmers who write server-side code to build web apps that serve millions of people worldwide 
  • Learn about mobile programming and the differences between iOS and Android programming
  • Learn about data analysts who analyse data to direct growth and make informed decisions

Learn with Industry Experts

Get ready to meet some of the biggest names in the business

Karl Krueger Udacity, Subject matter expert

Udacity’s subject matter experts on this course include people like Karl Krueger. Karl is a course developer at Udacity. Before joining Udacity, Karl was a site reliability engineer (SRE) at Google for eight years, building automation and monitoring to keep the world’s busiest web services online.

James Parkes Udacity, Subject matter expert

James received his degree in computer science and mathematics, then went on to become a Udacity instructor in several programs. His personal mission is clear: to open the doors of opportunity for others by empowering them with excellent educational experiences.

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