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Ready, Set, Upskill: Prioritising skills for a resilient workforce

In the post-pandemic economy, digital skills are crucial for Australia's labour market as the pace of digitisation accelerates. This report is the third in a series that looks into what skills are growing the quickest across the job market, the cost business stands to lose by not addressing these gaps and the role of training to bridge the divide.

This report looks into how we can grow a resilient workforce that prioritises a skills agenda, including:  


  • Australia’s skills landscape, and what digital skills are most in demand 
  • The cost of not addressing these skill gaps to Australian businesses 
  • The need for training done right, and employee and employer sentiment towards upskilling
  • The case for continuous learning, including employee and employer sentiment to training done right
Existing digital skills gaps (data science analytics, cyber security and coding) are costing large Australian businesses $9 million a day.

Building and investing in talent pipelines is going to be critical

  • 3 in 53 in 5 Australian businesses said their workforce lacked or had outdated digital skills
  • $1.5b$1.5 billion is how much large businesses need to spend on digital skills training to get up to speed
  • 50%50% more time was spent on training by employees who got a promotion than those who didn’t

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