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Want to learn Cloud Computing? Maybe start a new career? RMIT Online courses are co-designed with industry and purpose built for online study. The future of work starts here. 

What Is Cloud Computing?

In its own way, Cloud Computing is as revolutionary and disruptive as the internet itself. Over the last few years, ‘the cloud’ has fundamentally changed the world’s digital infrastructure, moving from fragmented, de-centralised computing to fast, reliable, scalable solutions.

So what is Cloud Computing? At its most fundamental level, Cloud Computing is simply the delivery of computing services – like storage, software, networking and analytics – over the internet. Instead of each company running its own server bank, with all the associated costs, hardware headaches and IT personnel, cloud providers like AWS and Microsoft Azure manage a worldwide network of secure data centres, through which companies can run their business.

Cloud Computing and Cloud Computing careers have both grown impressively over the last few years. The cloud services market surged to $266 billion in 2020, and over 42% of businesses in Australia have already moved to the cloud. If you want to learn Cloud Computing, this is a great place to start.

Why Work In Cloud Computing?

For most IT professionals, the cloud is the future. It’s faster, cheaper more powerful and more scalable than on-site data centres, and companies like Amazon, Google and Microsoft have already built huge, robust, cloud-based ecosystems, with hundreds of useful enterprise services. The cloud has generated $9.4 billion worth of productivity in Australia alone over the last five years.

The really good news is that Cloud Computing careers have never been in higher demand. While most Australian businesses are already migrating to the cloud, 37% of them say it’s still hard to find candidates with the right skillset.

Here are just a few careers that draw heavily on Cloud Computing:

  • Cloud Engineer
  • Cloud Applications Architect
  • Development Operations Engineer
  • Front-End Developer
  • Systems Administrator
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Solutions Architect

5 Reasons To Work In Cloud Computing

It's a growth area

With so much demand for Cloud Engineers and Cloud Architects, cloud-related skills tend to pay very well. According to PayScale, Cloud Computing professionals in Australia earn around $130,000 per annum, with potential for higher salaries and career progression.

It’s in demand

Job postings for Cloud Engineers jumped 27% since 2015, according to Indeed, and McKinley ranked cloud engineering as one of IT’s most sought-after skills for 2019. Experts also believe, by 2022, 60% of all businesses will be using a cloud-managed service.

It broadens your skillset

Cloud Computing draws on several digital skills that companies desperately need. As part of your Cloud Computing qualification, you might need to learn coding, database management, data analysis, software engineering and business management. It’s a broad, holistic discipline.

It’s future-proof

Enterprise migration to the cloud is inevitable, and already happening in most cases. This makes Cloud Computing one of the most future-proof careers going around. Even with the COVID-19 downturn, Amazon Web Services is projecting 25% increased cloud revenue in 2020.

It’s accessible

Cloud Computing is an accessible field, even if you don’t have any previous IT experience. You can also upskill into Cloud Computing from a variety of related roles: including software architects, system administrators, web developers and data scientists.

Cloud Computing Careers

There are plenty of Cloud Computing careers out there, both in Australia and overseas. The most sought-after roles are usually Software Engineers, Software Architects and DevOps Engineers, but companies also need System Administrators, Programmers, Data Warehouse Specialists and other cloud professionals.

According to Indeed, job searches for Cloud Computing have jumped 108% since 2015. With growing demand and rapid industry adoption, learning Cloud Computing is one of the best ways to future-proof your career.

Here are just a few Cloud Computing careers you might consider:

How To Learn Cloud Computing For Beginners

Want to learn Cloud Computing? Depending on your level of experience, there are several ways to go. You could start with a broad IT qualification, like RMIT’s Bachelor of Information Technology, or you could try something more specialised, like Cloud Architecture. Anyone can upskill into Cloud Computing. It doesn’t require any previous training or experience.

Our learning content is purpose built for online study and our curriculum is divided into easy-to-follow units. Each unit combines interactive webinars, 1-on-1 tutorials, group work and practical IT tasks. The ultimate goal is to give you the skills you need for a career in Cloud Computing.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll need.

  • Commitment. Our course content is divided into bite sized chunks, and designed to fit in around your schedule. We recommend studying a few hours every day to stay committed and on track.
  • Notes. Your RMIT Online mentors will encourage you to take lots of notes. It’s a good way to flag any potential problems.
  • Collaboration. As part of your course, you’ll be working with experienced Cloud Engineers and Cloud Architects. You’ll also have access to an online peer community.
  • Knowledge. Cloud Computing is evolving all the time. We’ll help you stay up-to-date with the latest methodologies and services.
  • Resources. There are plenty of cloud-based resources out there, along with a fantastic (and very friendly) online community.

Learn About Cloud Computing

Ready to study Cloud Computing? This is the place to start. Read as much as you can. Ask questions. Contact one of our RMIT Online course counsellors. You can find all of our Cloud Computing news and coverage below.

RMIT Online Cloud Computing Courses

Ready to start your Cloud Computing career? You’ve come to the right place. RMIT Online offers a range of Cloud Computing courses and certifications, depending on your career goals and experience. You can learn Cloud Computing online, at your own pace, and get support from expert industry mentors.

Topics And Courses Similar To Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing touches on dozens of interrelated fields. If you’d like to learn more about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Python programming, Business Analytics or UX design, there’s an RMIT Online course for you. Browse our catalogue below.

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