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two people in a room discussing something on papertwo people in a room discussing something on paper

696,716 young Aussies considering career changes

A seismic shift is on the horizon for the workforce, as one in four workers under the age of 30-years contemplate a career change.

  • Increased salary was the top ranked choice driving this change,  
    followed by career development opportunities and flexible working hours 
  • More than half of young workers under 30-years of age  
    will ask for external training or upskilling in the next three months 

MELBOURNE, 26 September 2023 — A seismic shift is on the horizon for the workforce, as one in four workers under the age of 30-years contemplate a career change.  

A recent study conducted by RMIT Online to understand motivations of Australia’s workforce, highlights an estimated 696,716 young workers have considered switching careers within the past three months.  

Nic Cola, CEO at RMIT Online comments: 

“As the workforce continues to evolve, it’s clear Gen Z and younger millennials are redefining their priorities and as such, their career paths. They are in pursuit of new opportunities - and they are not afraid to change jobs to do so. This generation makes up a significant chunk of the workforce, so it’s crucial we empower them to bridge the skills gap and chase their professional ambitions. Doing so would contribute to a more resilient and dynamic workforce of the future.”

The pursuit of an increased salary is the primary driver, with half of workers under the age of 30 placing it at the forefront of their motivations. Career development opportunities and flexible working, follow at 33 and 31 per cent respectively.  

Additionally, more than half of younger respondents, 56 per cent, plan to ask their employer for external training or upskilling in the coming months. Training is viewed as particularly important for young workers, as three in 10 are concerned they do not have the skills to perform in their current role. 

Nic continues “It’s no surprise remuneration is a primary motivator in today’s economic climate, however career development and training opportunities are also primary motivators for most Australians. If businesses don’t properly support, value or engage their employees, they risk losing valuable staff, stifling their own innovation and lagging behind in today’s ever-competitive landscape.” 

For young workers who report feeling dissatisfied with their current job, not feeling valued was cited as the top reason, 60 per cent. This was closely followed by not having an adequate salary for their role or level of responsibility, and not having clarity about career progression, both 55 per cent.  

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About the research 

The survey was produced by RMIT Online in partnership with the market research company Honeycomb. In total, the research team interviewed 1000 Australian workers between the 19th and 28th of July 2023. Working professionals in positions classified as junior, mid-level, senior and owners/CEOs were interviewed, with age ranges from 19 to 67. 


About RMIT Online 

RMIT Online was created by RMIT University to provide a world-class digital learning experience at the nexus of business, design and technology, leaning into future of work needs to equip students with in-demand skills and qualifications. RMIT Online teams up with industry thought leaders and experts to deliver the best in flexible education using the latest digital tools and technologies for a highly interactive, virtual cohort experience. RMIT Online is dedicated to achieving its mission of future-ready careers and creating a “community of lifelong learners, successfully navigating the world of work”.  

About Honeycomb 

Honeycomb Strategy is an award-winning go-to-market specialist research agency that supports leading brands to grow and transform. As a full-service agency, Honeycomb uses behavioural science, qualitative and quantitative research to shortcut the journey to product-market fit. 

Honeycomb is widely recognised for both it's work and workplace with prestigious accolades such as SmartCompany Smart Workplaces 2023, SmartCompany Smart50 2022, B&T Research Agency of the Year Finalist 2022 and Australian Financial Review Fast Starters 2020