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Discover the study experience of our Digital Graphic Design short course through the lens of an RMIT Online alumna

Learn more about why Ophelia Torres decided to study graphic design with RMIT Online

Meet a former Primary School Teacher, Ophelia Torres from Sydney who, during a career break, embraced upskilling in Digital Graphic Design with RMIT Online to explore a new career path. With a background in teaching arts and creating inclusive resources using graphics, she successfully balanced study with life commitments. The course, offering relevant insights from digital graphic design professionals, contributed to her confidence boost for pursuing new opportunities. 

Along with submitting her online assessments, Ophelia shared her work with us via social media. You can view some of her work here, where you can learn about what some of the assessments might be like when studying the Digital Graphic Design short course with us.

We interviewed Ophelia on what it was like studying at RMIT Online. Read about her experience below:


Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am currently on a career break from teaching. I am from Sydney and I have been a Primary School Teacher for 5 years. Throughout my career, I have always been interested in teaching arts to my students and creating resources that would engage the students. Most of the time I would use a lot of graphics within the resources to ensure that the students can access them regardless of their abilities and language background.


Why did you decide to look into studying again, and why did you choose RMIT Online?

I was looking for a change in career direction. I thought it was a good opportunity to study at the moment so i took the chance and enrolled in the Digital Graphic Design short course.


How did you find balancing studying with working/family/social life or all of the above?

Through the course, I had set aside certain hours that I would use to study and work on the assignments. And to reinforce that, I had created a timetable to remind myself visually so that I wouldn't overwork myself. This really helped me with balancing studying and what was happening in my life as well.


What was the learning content like?

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Describe what it was like when you finished your course?

I was very happy when I submitted my assignment. When I was waiting for the results, I was actually a bit on edge because i was worried I might need to resubmit my assignment. However, once I received the results I felt very relieved that I had passed!


What advice would you give to anyone wanting to pivot in their careers?

The only advice i would recommend is that you need to take initiative in your learning.


Since completing the course, how have you been able to apply your new learnings?

I feel like the the skills I've learnt in the Digital Graphic Design course has helped me build confidence to pursue a new career path. 


Would you recommend this course? If so why?

I would recommend this course as I had learnt so much from everyone (e.g. mentors and peers in the course). Not to mention, you can enrol at almost anytime, while TAFE you have to wait and see when they are available). It is a memorable experience to study online. As a teacher, I am happy to see how the mentors were trying to engage everyone in the discussion.


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This article was originally published on 24 January 2024