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Why your business needs design thinking more than ever

it’s very good at turning difficulty into opportunity

Design thinking

Technology is re-shaping the workplace. Is your team prepared?

How to navigate the murky world of digital transformation


How to manage digital transformation

It’s the most important enterprise change going around. So why do so many businesses struggle? 


5 UX trends you'll want to watch

Has UX design become too effective? Want to order a pizza through your watch? Welcome to the Brave New World of User Experience. 

Design thinking

Your content is online, what's next?

14 tips to teaching online from our Director of Teaching & Learning, Dawn Marie Gilmore, Ph.D.

Agile Delivery

Watch: On the couch with Nigel Dalton

Leaning into remote work: shifting mindsets to improve collaboration, creativity and productivity

Agile Delivery

How to work from home and stay productive

Follow these tips to avoid distraction and get stuff done.


How to keep your skillset relevant  

The shelf-life of the average learned skill is just five years. So what does that mean for the future of work?

Digital Transformation

How to manage a New Year’s career change

Swapping careers is never going to feel like an easy call. But that doesn't mean it's not a good idea.

Digital Transformation

Looking back on 2019

RMIT Online CEO, Helen Souness reflects on a big 2019

Digital Transformation

What is data visualisation and why is it important?

Businesses need people who can walk in two worlds: data analysis and visual storytelling.

Data Science

UX vs UI: Understanding the difference between UX and UI

It's time to settle the debate once and for all. What's the difference between UX and UI?

Design thinking

5 ways that online courses can help with your career change

It’s never too late to start again.

Digital Transformation

How to keep focussed while studying online

In short? Take breaks and buy plants.

Digital Transformation

Creating Leaders for Industry 4.0

We sit down with some of Australia most influential innovators to find out what makes a good leader

Digital Transformation