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Future Skills Short Courses for Business

Future of work skills that matter, built with leaders of industry and credentialed by RMIT University. 

Why work with us

RMIT Online short courses are built for busy professionals who are values driven and outcome orientated. Co-designed with industry, these 6-8 week courses focus on critical areas to keep your employees competitive in a digitally disrupted market.  Our courses are structured, yet flexible, and delivered 100% online through either public, private or problem focused cohorts. 

All learning is guided by seasoned industry mentors, culminating in a practical portfolio project to allow teams to immediately apply their learning to their workplace.  

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    Expert industry mentors

Skills for industry, immediately applied

RMIT Online partners with leading industry organisations - including AWS, Accenture and Salesforce, just to name a few - to multiply the power of a world-leading university with the best of industry, to deliver the cutting-edge skills required for your business to succeed in the world of tomorrow. 

Our partners lend their authentic process, templates, tools and best practices to our course work, and assessments use the workplace as context ensure relevancy to the office. All learning is guided by seasoned mentors, and our dynamic suite of courses are constantly refreshed to keep them stay ahead of the game.  

Flexible learning

Lifting the bar with 100% online content, we offer flexible delivery options to run public, private or problem focused cohorts. Our easy-to-use online platform has been designed with flexibility in mind, so learners can dip in and out of activities through snackable content. 

We also provide customisation for businesses to choose slow versus fast delivery over 6 to 12 weeks, with option for webinars and assessments to be scheduled during periods that best suit the cohort. This focus on quality learning experience has resulted in above industry satisfaction scores and superior completion rates.

Personalised Customer Success

RMIT Online offers personalised customer success to align motives for learning initiatives across the business and deliver measured outcomes. Customers are able to track progress of learners and get insights on what to expect and how to improve outcomes. Our dedicated Customer Success team make sure you have the tools and information to run a successful learning and development program. 

Real world skills through a tangible project

Gain valuable, current experience evaluating a real-world problem within your workplace, identifying critical issues, and articulating recommendations in a final presentation.  

You’ll use the same framework as leading strategic thinkers to develop and justify your approach, so you can be confident your team will be presenting actionable initiatives that can be immediately applied to their role.

Telstra partners with RMIT Online to build internal capabilities

What our clients say

Senior Manager
Senior ManagerDepartment of Jobs, Precincts and Regions on the program

The Victorian Government’s Digital Jobs program is building the state’s digital workforce by training and upskilling up to 5,000 mid-career Victorians so they can transition into digital careers. It was critical for us to find reputable education providers that could deliver training that met industry needs. RMIT Online mapped well

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