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Workplace Credentialing

In today's competitive landscape, put your best foot forward by assessing and recognising your teams’ skills and capabilities through our credentialing service.

Why work with us

Our credentialing service is designed to evaluate employees' capabilities and provide businesses with formal recognition of skills in critical areas. Credentials require no course content, and instead allow individuals to fast track a university-verified assessment of skill competency in a particular area.

  • 50+
  • 19k+
    Online students
  • 600+
    Expert industry mentors

Immediate recognition of skills

Set your team apart by recognising their skill-base, demonstrating their expertise and translating them to trust in application through a professional credential, validated by a world-leading university.

Credentials are shareable through a Credly badge on professional networks such as LinkedIn, and are a valuable way of showcasing the knowledge and skills of your team to prospective business opportunities.

Rigorous yet flexible assessment

Skill competencies are subject to assessment through the rigour of a world-leading university, so you can rest assured they have been certified through both academic frameworks, and validated by industry for relevance. Designed to fit around your teams' busy work schedule, all our assessments are completed 100% online, on-demand and without coursework.

Sophisticated learning and development program

Identify and validate your teams' capabilities through a sophisticated learning program focused on solutions to help support the growth of your organisation.

Digital credentials are designed and developed for specific markets, in partnership with our team of academics, industry partners, learning designers and multimedia developers.

What our clients are saying: "The demand for micro-credential learning has proven to be substantial, with positive responses from participants affirming its value. The Micro-Credentialing Program, a result of the collaborative efforts between VPSC and RMIT Online, has effectively addressed the emerging needs of the VPS while showcasing the potential of micro-credentials to drive professional development.”