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What skills will we need in a post-COVID world?

The good news is, many of these don’t require enormous investments of time and money to learn!

Agile Delivery

How to develop a digital growth mindset in your team

The perfect team is the one in front of you. They just don’t know it yet.

Agile Delivery

RMIT Online introduces stackable credentials to fast-track talent to high demand jobs

Students who have completed approved Future Skills courses will be able to earn credit towards Graduate Certificates and MBA qualifications


Why your business needs a product manager

Technical knowledge can be learned, but trust has to be earned

Product Management

Student Profile: see how Ryan Miller went from customer care to product

RMIT Online's Product Management short course allowed Ryan to put skills he'd only read about into practice at work

Product Management

How MaryAnne went from teaching to product management

MaryAnne started her career as a product manager after 6 years in education

Product Management

What are the most important soft skills in the digital era?

Reckon you’re creative? That might just be your biggest selling point

Business & Finance

Why is there a product management skills gap in Australia?

Product managers have been touted the new frontier of tech with Seek citing job opportunities up 53% year on year since 2015

Product Management

5 tips for getting into Product Management

Hear from RMIT's Dr Kevin Argus, Naomi Schofield from product consultancy Tigerspike, and Stewart Boon, founder of AuctionFox on all thing product.

Product Management

How the Product Management short course helped Rex 'improve project timelines and team collaboration'

See why Rex studied Product Management with RMIT Online.

Product Management

Meet the mentor | Jack McDonald, Product Manager, Envato

A day in the life of a product manager.

Product Management