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RMIT Online CEO speaks to Digital Nation about tech skills shortages

Helen Souness, RMIT Online CEO says the way to address skills shortages in Australia is with education

Digital Nation Australia spoke recently with RMIT Online CEO Helen Souness about the the growing digital skills gaps in Australia and how online education is perfectly positioned to address skills shortages and drive economic growth at home. Click here to view the full article.


"With Silicon valley salaries, local players just will be priced out. It can't just be a salary answer"

In the above video interview with Digital Nation, Helen discusses: 

  • How the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the uptake of online education in Australia as well as driving digital transformation across many sectors
  • RMIT Online's own research suggests there will be over 150,000 jobs needed in digital over the next 5 years
  • Some industries are seeing huge premiums on salaries for those with digital skills
  • But in order to keep staff employers must look to other other areas, like flexible working arrangements, to keep staff onboard.


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This article was originally published on 24 January 2022