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Male and female colleagues discussing ESG strategy on laptop.Male and female colleagues discussing ESG strategy on laptop.

RMIT Online partners with Deloitte to support businesses to meet new global and Australian sustainability and climate-related standards

New credential to offer learning imperative to help Australians meet soon to be introduced reporting standards

MELBOURNE, 9 April 2024 — RMIT Online have partnered with Deloitte to address the rapid skill uplift required for Australian businesses to meet new global sustainability reporting standards. 

For Australia’s largest listed and unlisted companies and financial institutions, the new International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and the Australian Sustainability Reporting Standards (ASRS) are mandating sustainability and climate-related reporting and disclosure. This will initially impact large enterprises before eventually being required by all Australian businesses. 

Co-created and co-delivered by RMIT Online and Deloitte, ‘Sustainability and climate-related financial reporting: ISSB, ASRS and beyond’ is designed to equip professionals with the skills and knowledge to disclose their sustainability and climate-related financial reporting on behalf of their organisations.

“The topics of sustainability and climate change have been gaining momentum for a number of years as businesses adapt to the impacts of climate change and support the transition towards a net zero future. The new disclosure obligations usher in a new era of sustainability and transparency around the globe. Encompassing governance, strategy, risk management, and metrics and targets, organisations will need to update more than their financial reporting. Compliance relies on upskilling.”
says Nic Cola, CEO at RMIT Online.

RMIT Online and Deloitte previously collaborated on a Sustainability and Social Impact Future Skills short course in 2022.

Joanne Gorton, Managing Partner of Audit and Assurance at Deloitte, says “The new standards require climate performance to be explicitly considered in financial reporting for the first time. This comprehensive course provides financial, sustainability and risk professionals with an understanding of how to integrate sustainability and climate-related assessments into the finance function.”  

“At Deloitte, we’re committed to helping businesses get ready to meet the proposed requirements. It’s pleasing to see many companies are already on the journey by making voluntary disclosures, and with mandatory reporting imminent, we encourage all businesses to ensure they’re prepared.”

Darren Gerber, Global Risk Advisory Sustainability and Climate Leader at Deloitte, says “The standards have a deep focus on responses to strategic risks and opportunities. It is important that organisations do not see it as a disclosure standard alone, but rather see the opportunity to enhance the resilience of their strategies and risk frameworks through the process.”

Offered as both synchronous and asynchronous cohorts, the course provides weekly webinars and touchpoints with local and global industry subject matter experts. 

Credentialed by RMIT University, the course opens today for enrolments here.

This article was originally published on 9 April 2024