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RMIT Online partners with Deloitte, Thankyou and Humanitech to address sustainability demand

As the world focuses on sustainable development goals, businesses are under intense scrutiny to address these pressing problems. 

RMIT Online have launched a new Sustainability and Social Impact course, designed to equip employees with the skills to develop and articulate an Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategy. 

With the support of Deloitte, Thankyou and Humanitech, the course will highlight the way organisations must re-design themselves in line with changing requirements of investors, governments and the public. 

As the world focuses on sustainable development goals, environmental issues and climate change, businesses are under intense scrutiny from consumers and investors to address these pressing problems. 

Research from Deloitte shows the benefits of doing so are both environmental and financial, however to capture the opportunities, action needs to significantly accelerate. Australia stands to lose $3.4 trillion by 2070 if we don’t act fast, but could gain $680 billion with rapid, focused action.

RMIT Online’s Sustainability and Social Impact course is designed to enhance the effectiveness of professionals in a broad range of industries and to identify the benefits to their own organisation, or team, for adopting an ESG strategy. 

RMIT Online Interim CEO, Claire Hopkins, says the green skills hiring market needs a complete upheaval to focus on skills and abilities. 

"Skills in sustainability, social impact and ESG are largely being utilised in industries and positions we traditionally wouldn’t consider. As the number of professionals required to have a background in strategic sustainability increases over the coming years, we need to be prepared,” says Claire Hopkins.

“Governments, businesses, education institutes and individuals must all come together to achieve this green transition. This starts with transitioning the hiring market towards skills and abilities aimed towards the future of work.”

Green talent in the workforce worldwide is rising. A 2022 report from LinkedIn revealed the share of green talent increased from 9.6% in 2015, to 13.3% in 2021 (a growth rate of 38.5%).

Thankyou Co-founder and Managing Director, Daniel Flynn, says this course represents “a positive shift from both individuals and businesses in the wake of COVID towards prioritising environmental and social commitments.”

For Daniel Flynn, a brand's mission and responsible business goals are intrinsically linked. “The only way we’re going to be able to achieve real, substantial change is through the power of people. Employees are eager to work in sustainable, values-driven organisations, so providing them the opportunity and skills to succeed will go a long way to creating a lasting impact.”

RMIT Online’s Social Impact and Sustainability course launches 9 August 2022, with the first run kicking off from 26 September 2022. 


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