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Image of Nigel Dalton

Watch: On the couch with Nigel Dalton

Leaning into remote work: shifting mindsets to improve collaboration, creativity and productivity

The fallout of the pandemic that’s currently sweeping the globe has had a major impact on how we work. With uncertainty regarding when we’ll see a return to the norm, how do we adapt to these new ways of working?

Lean and agile technology expert and social scientist, Nigel Dalton, from Thoughtworks is going online in a digital interview to discuss:

  • How to remain productive while working remotely
  • Boosting creativity with virtual collaboration
  • Effectively managing teams in the virtual realm
  • Inspiring collaboration during isolation

Check out the recording of the Webinar with Nigel below where he explores the practical application of Agile decision-making in everyday life, while at home or in a social setting. And tackles questions like: Is it possible to ‘scrum’ your household chores or can you implement ‘lean’ ways of working to your social life and personal goals?


This article was originally published on 2 April 2020