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Learn Amazon Web Services Online

Want to learn Amazon Web Services? Maybe start a new career? RMIT Online courses are co-designed with industry and purpose-built for online study. The future of work starts here.

What is Amazon Web Services?

Amazon Web Services (also known as AWS) is Amazon’s own cloud services platform. It’s arguably the biggest and most powerful cloud platform in the world, offering scalable computing power, data storage, content delivery and 175 individual services.

So why learn Amazon Web Services? Because it’s pretty much the default cloud suite. AWS is used by millions of clients all over the world, from tiny start-ups to global behemoths like Netflix, Twitch and LinkedIn. It’s a booming, future-proof technology.

Careers in Amazon Web Services aren’t hard to find either. Over 60% of cloud computing jobs require AWS skills, and there’s been a 37% growth in Australian AWS positions over the last few years. With the widespread adoption of cloud computing, and Amazon’s popular Pay As You Go (PAYG) model, there’s never been a better time to jump into Amazon Web Services.

Why work in Amazon Web Services?

The question really should be: why work in cloud computing? And for most IT professionals, the answer is obvious. Cloud is the future. Global revenue is expected to cap $266 billion in 2020. The cloud is faster, safer and more scalable, and Amazon Web Services are driving the bulk of industry growth.

The beauty of Amazon Web Services is its depth. With 175 different service features, and a huge online community, you can apply AWS skills almost anywhere. Software engineering, artificial intelligence, DevOps engineering, data analytics, the Internet of Things – whatever you’re interested in, AWS can probably make life easier (and more lucrative).

Here are just a few careers that draw heavily on Amazon Web Services:

  • Cloud Engineer
  • Cloud Applications Architect
  • Development Operations Engineer
  • Systems Administrator
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Solutions Architect

5 Reasons To Work In Amazon Web Services   

Its a growth area   

AWS-certified graduates can earn impressive salaries, depending on their specialty. Cloud Engineers in Australia average $121,000 per annum. Data Scientists hover around $107,000. Systems Administrators can earn upwards of $90,000. It’s really about finding the career that fits you best.  

It’s in demand    

It’s official: the most in-demand IT roles in Australia are Cloud Engineer and Cloud Architect. While many professionals are trying to quickly upskill, businesses are still struggling to find candidates with Amazon Web Services experience. There’s never been a better time to switch careers. 

It rewards depth of knowledge   

According to McKinsey, 77% of companies were still relying on traditional infrastructure in 2015. That number is shrinking year by year. As businesses migrate to cloud platforms, like Amazon Web Services, they need architects and engineers who have platform-specific knowledge.  

It’s future-proof 

Enterprise migration to the cloud is inevitable, and already happening in most cases. This makes Amazon Web Services one of the most future-proof skills going around. Even with the global COVID-19 downturn, AWS is projecting 25% increased cloud revenue in 2020.  

It’s accessible     

Although you’ll learn more about Amazon Web Services through an industry qualification, like RMIT Online, the platform itself is very beginner-friendly. Newcomers can create a free-tier AWS account to access the suite’s basic services, including EC2, S3 and Amazon RDS.  

Amazon Web Services Careers 

Want to work in Amazon Web Services? It’s a solid choice. There are dozens of different AWS careers out there. And the industry demand couldn’t be higher. According to Indeed, 60% of cloud computing jobs require skills related to Amazon Web Services. Experts also believe, by 2022, 60% of all businesses will be using a cloud-managed service.  

Then there’s the popularity of AWS itself. Amazon Web Services still has the edge over Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure (it’s expected to achieve 52% market share in 2020). If you’re going to work in the cloud, you’re going to need AWS skills.  

Here are just a few cloud-based AWS careers you might consider:  

How to learn Amazon Web Services for beginners   

There are plenty of AWS for Beginners courses out there (as well as Amazon’s own AWS free-tier) but if you really want to get an Amazon Web Services qualification, it’s best to go through a reputable institution. Like RMIT Online. You don’t necessarily need any cloud experience to get started. Anyone can learn Amazon Web Services.  

Our learning content is purpose built for online study and our curriculum is divided into easy-to-follow units. Each unit combines interactive webinars, 1-on-1 tutorials, group work and practical AWS tasks. The ultimate goal is to give you the skills you need for a career in Amazon Web Services.  

Here’s a taste of what you’ll need. 

  • Commitment. Our course content is divided into bite sized chunks, and designed to fit in around your schedule. We recommend studying a few hours every day to stay committed and on track. 
  • Notes. Your RMIT Online mentors will encourage you to take lots of notes. It’s a good way to flag any potential problems.  
  • Collaboration. As part of your course, you’ll be working with cloud engineers and architects. You’ll also have access to an online peer community.  
  • Knowledge. AWS is evolving all the time. We’ll help you stay up-to-date with the latest methodologies and services.   
  • Resources. There are plenty of great AWS resources out there, along with a fantastic (and very friendly) online community. This is helpful during the course, but also after completion.  

Learn about Amazon Web Services

Ready to study Amazon Web Services? This is the place to start. Read as much as you can. Ask questions. Contact one of our RMIT Online course counsellors. You can find all of our AWS news and coverage below.

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