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Learn System Administration Online

Want to learn System Administration? Maybe start a new career? RMIT Online courses are co-designed with industry and purpose-built for online study. The future of work starts here.

What Is System Administration?

System Administration is a great place to start your career in Information Technology (IT). All businesses these days need a strong digital infrastructure, and getting hardware, software and networks to interact smoothly can be tough. That’s where System Administrators come in.

So what is System Administration? It’s the configuration and maintenance of a company’s computer systems. In other words, what has traditionally been referred to as the IT department. Usually this will involve multi-user systems, like servers. System Administrators help set-up servers, keep networks running, and troubleshoot software issues as they arise.

System Administration careers can be quite varied. You might be responsible for purchasing new hardware, preventing cyberattacks, training stakeholders, providing routine automation or offering technical support for projects. Ready to learn more about System Administration? Let’s get started.

What Is System Administration Used For?

System Administration is a broad field. Server Administrators keep web and mail servers ticking over, Network Administrators handle routers and switches, Database Administrators look after complex database systems, and Security Administrators monitor networks and develop protection protocols. Of course, in smaller organisations, one System Administrator might handle all of these tasks at once.

Learning System Administration can also be useful for a variety of other careers. System Administration skills are handy for:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Data Science
  • Cloud Computing
  • System Analysis
  • Web Development
  • System Architecture
  • Programming

Why learn System Administration?

Learning System Administration doesn’t have to be overly technical. Think of it as an introduction to Information Technology. Anyone can upskill in System Administration, and getting certified in fundamental tech, like server configuration and maintenance, allows you to specialise further down the track.

The field also has a lot going for it. According to SEEK, System Administration careers will surge 18% in Australia over the next five years, with thousands of positions around the country. Salaries benchmark around $90,000 per annum, with plenty of opportunities for professional development, specialist training and further growth. Learning System Administration is a great way to future-proof your CV.

Here are just a few careers related to System Administration:

  • Database Administrator
  • System Architect
  • Security Analyst
  • IT Consultant
  • Network Administrator
  • Cloud Solutions Administrator
  • Web Developer

5 Reasons Why You Should Learn System Administration

It’s in demand

There’s a well-documented IT skills gap in Australia, and employment in ICT management and operations is expected to grow 75% by 2023. As more and more companies become dependent on digital services, System Administration careers will continue to be in high demand.

It's a growth area

According to Indeed, the average System Administrator salary in Australia is $91,000 per annum, which is much higher than the national mean. Senior System Administrators average closer to $110,000, while specialist roles, like Data Warehouse Architect, benchmark around $142,000.

It’s a broad discipline

There are dozens of things you can do with a System Administration qualification. It’s a practical, well-rounded skillset. With a little training, System Administrators can work in Data Management, System Architecture, Network Engineering, Web Development or Cybersecurity.

It’s satisfying

According to Payscale, job satisfaction for System Administrators sits around 3.8 out of 5. As a career, it’s always in demand. You can work in Australia or overseas. And it allows you to jump between industries: every field, from e-commerce to travel, needs talented System Administrators.

It’s crucial for business

There’s so much more to System Administration than simple IT maintenance. System Administrators can really drive business growth. You can recover data in the event of a crash, protect against security breaches, and recommend ways to optimise business processes.

System Administration Careers

Why learn System Administration? Because it’s flexible. Not only are enterprise companies crying out for good System Administrators, but System Administration opens all sorts of other doors. After gaining a System Administration qualification, you can go on to specialise in System Architecture, Cybersecurity, Data Warehousing, Cloud Solutions or DevOps. It’s really up to you. System Administration was also listed as one of the most in-demand tech jobs for 2020.

Here are just a few System Administration careers you might consider:

How To Learn System Administration For Beginners

Learning System Administration might seem a bit daunting, particularly if you don’t have a tech-related background. But anyone can upskill into System Administration. There’s no specialist knowledge or experience required. In fact, the field relies on several generic soft skills, like analytical reasoning, curiosity and communication.

Our learning content is purpose built for online study and our curriculum is divided into easy-to-follow units. Each unit combines interactive webinars, 1-on-1 tutorials, group work and practical IT tasks. The ultimate goal is to give you the skills you need to be job ready for a career in System Administration.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll need.

  • Commitment. Our course content is divided into bite sized chunks, and designed to fit in around your schedule. We recommend studying a few hours every day to stay committed and on track.
  • Notes. Your RMIT Online mentors will encourage you to take lots of notes. It’s a good way to flag any potential problems.
  • Collaboration. As part of your course, you’ll be working with experienced IT professionals. You’ll also have access to an online peer community.
  • Knowledge. System Administration is always changing. We’ll help you stay up-to-date with the latest industry knowledge.
  • Resources. RMIT Online will provide cutting-edge IT resources. These tools and forums can be used during the course, or even after completion.

Learn About System Administration

Want to learn System Administration? This is the best place to start. Read as much as you can. Ask questions. Contact one of our RMIT Online course counsellors. You can find all our System Administration news and coverage below.

RMIT Online System Administration Courses

Ready to start your System Administration career? You’ve come to the right place. RMIT Online offers a range of System Administration courses and certifications, depending on your career goals and experience. You can learn System Administration online, at your own pace, and get support from expert industry mentors.

Topics And Courses Similar To System Administration

System Administration is really just one cog in the global digital machine. Once you’ve learned the basics, you can expand your CV with certifications in Data Science, Software Engineering, Cloud Computing or Artificial Intelligence. Check out RMIT Online’s related courses below.

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