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3 reasons your business is better off with a CRM

Why is customer relationship management so Important?

Effective brand marketing without a customer relationship management (CRM) system is like karaoke without ‘Wonderwall’ — almost unheard of in the modern era. And, when it comes to CRMs, there’s no smoother system than Salesforce

Salesforce has quickly grown to become the world’s leading CRM system. Why? Because for twenty years now, Salesforce has been giving the people what they want — a seamless and authentic end-to-end customer experience; a diva-esque demand that the contemporary customer has come to expect from almost all of their purchasing journeys. And something that’s forcing businesses to bust their guts to deliver. 

The good news is that giving your customers this same authentic experience is as simple as brushing up on the following marketing skills. 

Sliding into their [E]DMs 

Email marketing has earned its stripes as the channel with one of the highest and fastest growing ROI’s for businesses of almost any size. So much so that dedicated Email Marketing Specialist courses have sprouted up across the industry, providing popular gateways to successful careers in modern business. So it’s no surprise that effective email marketing (and email marketing specialists themselves) are one of the first ports of call for brands seeking not only success, but also authentic brand interactions that build trust and rapport with target markets.  

Powerful CRMs like Salesforce can help you lay the foundations for 1-to-1 customer journeys through detailed campaigns that use personalisation, optimisation and targeting to drive results. 

Picking a story and sticking to it 

Thanks to the rise of the internet and greater access to information, customers have become attuned to smelling rats. Therefore, a big part of offering a seamless end-to-end customer experience is ensuring your brand is consistent across every channel. Because if you’re not consistent in selling your brand story, customers won’t buy it.  

Fortunately, when centralised in a CRM, you don’t have to throw your back out maintaining an analogue cross channel customer management system. Instead, with a few clicks of your mouse, you can map out a clever automated journey that can be customised to tickle the fancy of each individual customer. Better yet, learning to command your channels through CRMs is a simple as completing a Graduate Certificate in Customer Success Management

Finding the sweet spot between personalisation and privacy 

The best brands use personal information to enhance their customers’ journeys, the trick is treading the fine line between thoughtful personalisation and unsolicited intrusion. This is because customers’ demand for individualised brand experiences is on the rise, with Salesforce’s Second Edition State of the Connected Customer report revealing that 67% of customers say their standard for good experiences are higher than ever. Loosely translated, this means that these days you have to do more than flog your wares to win their trust and money.  

Thankfully, this is where robust CRMs like Salesforce can step in and do the heavy lifting for you with their automated personalisation, artificial intelligence and streamlined content capabilities.  

Suffice to say, Salesforce’s increasing presence in Australian businesses has triggered a boom in job opportunities for skilled masters of the software. A recent IDC report revealed that it’s set to create no less than 3.3 million jobs within the global ecosystem by 2022, including 79,000 in Australia alone. And, in terms of bringing home the bacon, average administrator salaries start at a very tasty $72k.  

Now is the time to master authentic marketing and sink your teeth into a career in Salesforce, starting with a certificate from RMIT Online’s suite of 6-week courses

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This article was originally published on 24 September 2019