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How RMIT Online graduate landed her dream job at one of the Big Four

Chloe Stranger took advantage of the pandemic downtime to upskill and expand her skillset in Data and Analytics.

With the fast-evolving market today, digital tech disrupting industries and the growing demand for employee’s with up to date digital skill sets, landing the dream job has become more challenging than ever before. The hard truth is, even after years of university education, skills gaps can still be prevalent amongst graduates, with degree programs unable to keep pace in adequately preparing students for certain career paths.

Here's how Chloe Carlisle Stranger filled those gaps with RMIT Online's courses and helped her get ahead.


Meet Chloe Carlisle Stranger.


Chloe was recently studying at a different university, and while looking at future job prospects, something dawned on her. She realised that her current degree program, while comprehensive, was still missing some important areas that she was concerned would end up causing her to fall short of the requirements of her future career path.

“As I was coming to the end of my double bachelor’s degree in business, I felt there was a really significant gap in my knowledge going into the professional workforce: understanding data. So, it only felt natural to explore my options for upskilling, and that’s when I came across RMIT Online's courses.”
Chloe Stranger

                                                                                                                Chloe Stranger


Upskilling is something that people of all ages and stages in their professional career take up as a way to develop their capabilities and future-proof their trajectories within the changing job landscape. However, it’s a particularly smart move for near-graduates to think outside of the box and further strengthen their skillset with additional, practical units.

This is what drove Chloe to enrol herself into two RMIT Online courses: Business Analytics & Visualisation and Business Analytics with SQL and Python.

She took advantage of the pandemic downtime to expand her knowledge and skills in these two key areas, completing both courses with her partner and discovering that this was downtime well spent. “I think we both saw the value of undertaking these kinds of subjects to meet the ever-changing market of data and data analytics,” she said.

Chloe found the courses to be incredibly intuitive and engaging, walking her through each aspect of data programs and real-world applications.

“It was really helpful in getting a good understanding of how they worked, and I enjoyed completing it at my own pace. It was quite refreshing.”

Chloe’s RMIT Online Experience


With online courses fast becoming the ‘new norm’ in education across the world, more employers and employees are taking the opportunity to upskill ‘on the move’, finding new ways to improve their knowledge and keep up with the evolving changes in their industries.

Chloe, herself, was balancing the online course whilst still finishing her other university degree and enjoying a thriving social life coming out of lockdown. “However, I enjoyed the routine and structure of the RMIT Online course. It was super flexible and allowed me to complete my modules and study in my own spare time, which was something I definitely appreciated,” she said.

The best part of finishing the whole course was that it also coincided with the completion of her degree which ultimately ensured she stood out as a candidate when applying for graduate roles, landing her multiple job offers.

“It was really great to finish studying and have these in-high-demand skills under my belt.”

As a result, Chloe was successful in being selected as a Graduate Auditor in the Assurance unit at PwC Australia – a highly coveted role in her field. “these courses immensely contributed to me getting my dream graduate role”


Interview Boost


Her RMIT Online experience allowed her to attend job interviews with utmost confidence, knowing that she fully understood all aspects of the industry.

“Going into the interview, I could confidently explain a piece of data I had worked with, and due to the RMIT Online course, it gave me the assurance that I actually knew what I was talking about.”

For Chloe, taking a leap forward to bridge her skills and knowledge gaps was one of the best decisions she’s made.

“If you are someone who recognises a gap in your skills, and are looking for a job in financial services, then I highly recommend taking RMIT Online courses. Or even if you're just looking to upskill, RMIT Online has a wide range of courses to cater to your education needs.”

“I think I’m all studied-out for now!” Chloe said. “But definitely in the future, I know where I can access great online courses and further my education yet again.”


Want to upskill and get ahead too?


RMIT Online Future Skills short courses are designed to help you keep upskill fast and stay relevant in your industry. Our short courses can help set you up for your next career milestone.

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This article was originally published on 21 September 2021