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Watch: How training with RMIT Online and The Digital Jobs program lead to a new career opportunity for Swati

Thanks to the Digital Jobs program Swati was able to upskill in an RMIT Online course for Digital Analytics

Like many others, Swati's career had been affected by the pandemic, she was looking for new opportunities when she learned about the Digital Jobs program, a Government initiative which partners with RMIT Online to upskill people across Australia.

Thanks to the Digital Jobs program Swati was able to upskill in an RMIT Online course for Marketing Analytics and Insights and completed an internship that resulted in a contract with one of Australia's largest skin care manufacturing firms, Ego Pharmaceuticals.

“I emerged a hundred percent motivated to give my best to the company. And I did that.”

Glenn Watson of Ego Pharmaceuticals said: “At the end of the program, there was a great feel-good community aspect knowing we’d helped someone displaced by COVID or wanting career changes..It is a global company but also a family business, so that was really important to our leadership team, and of course there was a really tangible commercial benefit too.”

In fact, Swati adapted to her role so well and so quickly that she was able to take on most of the reporting duties, freeing up another co-worker, Lachlan, to work on the advanced analytics program that helped the team, and the business, to grow.

Ultimately, the experience has been very positive for both sides participating in the program: “It was a really great win/win for the business, my team, and Swati as well,” says Glenn. “We have been able to extend her contract in the short term and hope to be able to move her to full time in the new financial year.”


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This article was originally published on 26 October 2022