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Introducing The Pickle - RMIT Online's new podcast

Welcome to RMIT Online’s new podcast, The Pickle. A curious forum for everything new in tech, education, business and careers.

Pickle (n): a tricky situation or quandary. 

The world turns. The game changes. Old rules no longer apply. And things that seemed simple, get really, really interesting.  It’s official: you’re in a pickle. 

Welcome to RMIT Online’s new podcast, The Pickle. A curious forum for everything new in tech, education, business and careers – and the interesting problems that tend to follow. We’ll be chatting to industry leaders about the forces changing their world. What’s working, what’s not working, and what we can do to fix things. It’s a little glimpse into the future of work.  

Especially the pickle-y bits. 

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EPISODE 1: Is design thinking creating lazy brands with Adam Ferrier. 

We dive into the shift to customer centricity with Australia’s godfather of brand, Adam Ferrier founder of creative agency Thinkerbell. Is design thinking creating lazy brands and homogenising products? What skills will marketers need for Industry 4.0? Join in the discussion on how to play the game in front of you, why you should care what shape your Weet-Bix are, and all the reasons you shouldn’t introduce yourself as a ‘creative’ at a party. Click here to listen

EPISODE 2: Beautiful, simple design - with Jesse Dorogusker from Square.

Live from RMIT’s Design Hub, Square’s Head of Hardware Jesse Dorogusker joins us in this episode to talk all things beautiful - and functional - design.  Interviewed by RMIT Online CEO Helen Souness, Jesse talks through his career at Apple and Square, how to create an innovation culture, and what it’s like working along side Jack Dorsey. Click here to listen

EPISODE 3: Agile may be the last thing your business needs with Nigel Dalton, REA Group.

In this episode, we dive deep into all things Agile with REA Groups’ Chief Inventor (and agile royalty) Nigel Dalton. We discuss the importance of creating an ‘Invention Culture', reclaiming the term Manager, and why Agile may be the last thing your business actually needs. Click here to listen

EPISODE 4: Women in emerging Tech and Law with Sivan Whiteley of Square, and Joni Pirovich

Ever thought you’d sit down with the General Legal Counsel of a leading Silicon Valley tech company to talk about Hemp Farmers and crypto trading licenses? Us neither. In this episode RMIT Online Mentor Joni Pirovich interviews Square’s Sivan Whiteley to discuss just that, as well as how to navigate legal tech problems and the importance of having female leadership in the finch space. Click here to listen

EPISODE 5: Why you will have 18 different jobs in your future career

How many career changes do you think you’ll have in your lifetime?.. two or three? How does 18 sound? That could be the new reality for Australians as many millennials shrug off the scrutiny of their breakfast choices and enter the workforce.

In this episode, RMIT Online’s Prof. Claire Macken chats to Shona McPherson from the Foundation for Young Australians about the changing world of work, how rapid technology changes are affecting the jobs of the future and what this means for all Australians..not just the young ones. Click here to listen

EPISODE 6: Sheryl Thai, League of Extraordinary Women

In this episode for International Women’s Day, we interview Sheryl Thai, founder of the League of Extraordinary Women, and former creator of Cupcake Central to find out how she went from IT consultant to baker entrepreneur, and then finally on to discovering her super power - connecting people. 

5 stores later, 80+ staff, 2 published cookbooks and 2 million+ cupcakes sold - Sheryl has decided it’s time to answer her true calling. Click here to listen

EPISODE 7: The potential of blockchain with Alan Tsen, Chairman of Fintech Australia

Could blockchain become so commonplace in our everyday lives that it will become virtually invisible? In this episode we chat to chairman of Fintech Australia (and startup investor) Alan Tsen about blockchain beyond the crypto hype, how blockchain could verify your street wear and fine art collections - and the difference between tech sustaining innovation and disrupting innovation. Click here to listen

EPISODE 8: Can you learn to be creative? with Russel Howcroft

When every brand has a story to tell, how do you standout? In this episode we are joined by creative guru, tv panelist and author, Russel Howcroft. We look at which brands are telling their stories well, and who is stumbling amongst the chaos. We ask what does storytelling even mean in 2020, how do you do it authentically, and is creativity something you can learn?. Click here to listen

EPISODE 9: Raising capital in the age of COVID with Cheryl Mack, Stone & Chalk and Matt Salier, RMIT Activator

For the first time in almost 30 years, Australia has officially entered a recession. As unemployment rises, and companies scramble to re-jig workplaces to a virtual setting, where does this leave startups who are trying to navigate the already complex task of funding their ventures? In this episode, Matt Salier from RMIT Activator talks to Stone & Chalk’s Cheryl Mack to find out how the startup community is adapting to the age of COVID, what VC’s are looking for in your pitch documents and the lessons we can take from startup success stories of the last GFC. Click here to listen

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This article was originally published on 10 September 2019