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iOS App Development Foundations

Acquire skills in Swift programming and learn core concepts and practices in iOS app development. Utilise and apply key Apple tools in app development such as Xcode and Interface Builder.

Developed in collaboration with Apple

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Course Structure

Module 1

Getting started with app development

  • Set up your work environment, tools, and resources like an experienced app developer
  • Write and compile basic code in Playgrounds
  • Explain what constants, variables, data types, and operators are and how to use them

Module 2

Writing smarter code

  • Utilise control flow statements and execute larger pieces of code from multiple files
  • Navigate and use the Xcode environment
  • Perform basic debugging of code

Module 3

Create your user interface

  • Explain and demonstrate code documentation
  • Discuss Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines for best practice experiences
  • Explore technical aspects of creating a user interface through Interface Builder

Module 4

Strings and functions

  • Create and store text using the string type
  • Write your own functions
  • Brainstorm and prototype an app idea

Module 5

Beyond the code

  • Create an app that changes the colour of a screen
  • Explain how an app is deployed on the App Store
  • Discuss the requirements of a great app

Module 6

Where can coding take you?

  • Explore the latest trends and advancements within the development industry
  • Comprehend and describe career opportunities available to you and those with coding capabilities

Learn with Industry Experts

Get ready to meet some of the biggest names in the business

Beau NouvelleSubject matter expert

RMIT Online has built our courses in partnership with industry, providing you with the latest industry insights and best practices from the real world of work. Our subject matter experts on this course include people like Beau Nouvelle. Beau is an iOS Development consultant with 12 years’ experience building applications for Apple platforms. He is the author of ‘Simulations in Swift’, runs a YouTube channel (Get Swifty) where he teaches Swift, and actively contributes to open-source development.

Shawn SunSubject matter expert

Shawn Sun is currently an iOS Developer at Contentrix Tigerspike with 4 years’ commercial development experience. Shawn has built and development apps across various industries including entertainment, retail, banking, and more. He thrives on employing various development tools and enjoys learning new iOS trends to ensure he’s able to align with best practice and produce high-quality apps.

Richie ShiltonSubject matter expert

Richie Shilton is a senior iOS engineer at Bilue in Melbourne. Richie has built apps for a wide range of clients, including niche health-focused apps, widely used convenience store loyalty apps, and enterprise apps for airlines. Regardless of the app, he has a passion for creating meaningful software that is delightful to use, accessible, and user-focussed. Before starting his iOS career Richie completed his Ph.D. in Physics while learning Swift in his spare time

Andrew KinnieSubject matter expert

Andrew Kinnie is a senior iOS engineer with over 10 years' experience working in both the U.S and Australia. Andrew has mostly worked for large companies including HBO, NBC-Universal, major Australian and US banks, the NASDAQ stock exchange, and more. Andrew enjoys interacting with students and helping others see the possibilities offered by modern mobile development.


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