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What workplace challenges did we face in 2022?

We spoke with some of RMIT Online’s leaders about the challenges workplaces had this year and what 2023 may look like.
Human Resources (HR)

The Great Re-skilling: almost half of managers believe new hires need training

The report, The Salary Trap, seeks to understand the talent shortages and hiring pressures many Australian companies are facing
Digital Marketing

Customer retention vs customer acquisition. Which is better for business?

Should you focus your energies on acquiring new customers, or keeping the ones you’ve got?
CX Design & Strategy

Are you customer-centric? Why customer experience design is the new normal

We look a little closer at what CX design is, and why customer experience is fast becoming more important than the product itself
CX Design & Strategy

Watch: How will design impact our future?

The industry has evolved beyond design craft itself, and the role of a designer today is so multifaceted. So where is design going from here?

6 tips for talking to your boss about training this year

Remember, all managers have budgets. If there’s any money that needs to be used before the EOFY, training and development is a great way to spend it
Data Science

RMIT Online and Canva partner to train hybrid designers

RMIT Online partneres with Canva, as well as with Symplicit, REA Group and Fjord to build new programs

What have we learned from 2021?

We spoke to some of RMIT Online’s leaders to find out what they’ve learned over the last 12 months, and what the next 12 might have in store.
Cyber Security

Watch: After 20 years in Banking, Chantel was able to change careers after upskilling

RMIT Online graduate changed careers and her life after studying a suite of short courses
Digital Marketing

Why an RMIT Alumna continues to learn with RMIT Online

Jelvie Grech took RMIT Online short courses to keep her skill set relevant after she graduated
Product Management

Whose responsibility is it to prepare for disruption: business or employee?

The most efficient way to prepare for disruption is training and upskilling your staff, and research suggests that’s also the best way to keep them around too.
CX Design & Strategy

Challenge the narrative: Why we need to see more women in tech roles

We spoke to some of our industry mentors in the lead up to International Women's Day about highlighting the importance of women in tech, and what they #ChooseToChallenge this year.
CX Design & Strategy

Watch: What was it like studying online in 2020?

How some of our students found an opportunity to upskill online during COVID-19
Digital Marketing