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RMIT Online and Canva partner to train hybrid designers

RMIT Online partneres with Canva, as well as with Symplicit, REA Group and Fjord to build new programs

MELBOURNE, 25 JANUARY 2022 —  RMIT Online and global visual communications platform Canva have partnered to create three human centered design courses to equip design students and mid-career designers with hands-on capabilities in design thinking, user experience and prototyping. These courses aim to address the growing demand for designers that combine strong technical skills and knowledge of design thinking principles with the ability to identify and solve business problems. 

"Our market research identified that most organisations have designers who can work on the tools and execute on a design brief, but businesses are looking for designers who can step back and make sure they are solving the right problems," said Li Tan, Product Director at RMIT Online. "Design is more than just a skillset. It’s a way of thinking and we've developed programs that teach students both the theory and the practical skills to develop that.”    

RMIT Online partnered with Canva, as well as with Symplicit, REA Group and Fjord (part of Accenture Interactive), to build the programs of the new Graduate Certificate in UX Design and the Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma in Digital Product Design Subject matter experts from these partners bring to the courses their professional experiences and the current problems faced by the industry.  

"We're committed to creating simple user experiences that make design accessible for everyone. This partnership is an opportunity to share our expertise in taking a vision and turning it into a world-leading product, and help students learn to do the same"

said Andrew Green, Head of Design, Canva. 

In the Graduate Certificate in UX Design, one of the course’s main goals is to help designers navigate the challenges of balancing deep exploration of product, service and experience challenges with the organisational and commercial realities of the design industry. “We also want to build business decision making and strategic thinking into the core skillset of the UX designer,” said Matt Kurowski, Program Manager at RMIT. 

In addition to developing mindsets, teaching strategic thinking, and responding to complex problems, the Digital Product Design courses also focus on interpersonal leadership skills and design and research operations capabilities. Matt Kurowski said: “These courses explore how products, services and experiences both constrain and unlock opportunities for local and global value and impact, both now and into the future. We aim for our graduates to be capable of integrating their unique skills into conventional and forward-looking organisations to genuinely shape our futures through design.” 

Linkedin has listed User Experience Researcher as one of Australia’s fastest-growing job titles, pulling in a salary of up to $161,000. Demand for digital product managers is also on the rise. According to Burning Glass, there has been a compound annual growth rate of 42% in job listings from 2016.  

 These courses will be credentialed by RMIT University. Find out more about RMIT Online at

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This article was originally published on 25 January 2022