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Why an RMIT Alumna continues to learn with RMIT Online

Jelvie Grech took RMIT Online short courses to keep her skill set relevant after she graduated

How an RMIT alumna took advantage of RMIT Online to continue upskilling as she pursued a new career direction

The fast-evolving market comes with ever-changing demands. That’s why having the right skills is an advantage if you want to stay ahead.

As you pursue the next milestone in your career, it’s important to continuously expand your knowledge and add more skills to your CV. Here's how Jelvie Grech took advantage of the accessibility and convenience of RMIT Online to drive her professional career forward.

Meet Jelvie Grech: Jelvie graduated with her first Bachelors Degree in Business Information and Management back in 2002 at RMIT University. Even then, Jelvie knew that she wanted to build a bridge between business and technology. She also had an interest in working with data because she believed it would be useful in making more informed organisational decisions.

After earning her Degree, Jelvie immersed herself in the corporate world, taking on part-time and full-time work in several companies including Nando’s, Armaguard and Aesop. In her previous roles as a Data Entry Member, Resource Coordinator, HR Analyst and most recently, People’s Systems Analyst, she learned how to utilise SAP and Microsoft Access, among other systems.

It was in these jobs where she developed her passion and skills in data information. As Jelvie took on new roles and pursued new opportunities, she realised just how important it is to keep updating your skills as your working environment evolves.

Jelvie Grech
“I feel it’s crucial to invest in yourself and your personal skills and to keep your skills up to date,” Jelvie says.

That’s when she came across a post on LinkedIn about the Victorian Government’s Digital Jobs program and decided to seize the opportunity to learn online and improve her skills.


The Victorian Government’s digital upskilling initiative


The state government of Victoria recently launched a $64M Digital Skills and Jobs program which aims to provide a cost-effective approach to train and develop the state’s digital talent through educational upskilling. 

The program includes offers such as: 

  • 12 weeks of fully funded, industry-backed training  
  • 12-week paid internships in digital roles with businesses in Victoria 
  • Ongoing support from a mentor throughout the program

This industry-recognised training is delivered by RMIT Online through a range of digital business courses that are aimed to enhance every participant’s digital knowledge and experience. The program aims to support participants as they add new capabilities that will qualify them for industries and roles they are planning to pursue. 

Jelvie found out about this initiative and decided to put in an application, taking advantage of the opportunity to keep up with the ever-evolving industry and upskill herself.


Jelvie’s RMIT Online Experience


When Jelvie was assigned a mentor, they immediately discussed her options regarding the courses she could take. They decided to go beyond her comfort zone, and Jelvie enrolled in Customer Experience Strategy and Design and Product Management.

“In my job,” Jelvie says, “I have to think about how my customers would interact with a system and how this experience could be easier for them. Because the worst thing you can do is have a system that nobody actually uses.”

So, she undertook the course to learn more about end-users and how she could make improvements for them.

“The best thing about RMIT Online”, according to Jelvie, “is its flexibility”. Being a mother with a part-time job, it was important for her to be able to study at a time that would not interfere with her work and taking care of her children. She simply installed all the tools she needed on her mobile and computer. Since she could study the RMIT Online modules at her own pace and at her own time, she was able to start learning after putting her kids to bed at night.

“I could read the subject material at any time, and I had access to everything so I could pace myself based on my schedule. I also tackled all my modules and then used the webinar to check my understanding,” Jelvie says.

It’s all about continual upskilling


As Jelvie has done a lot of upskilling throughout her career, she can attest to its benefits. According to her, “the benefit lies in your ability to sell those skills and make use of them in your professional career. If you are looking towards promotions and potentially higher salaries, having complementary education will work in your favour.”

“Whether you already have a career or are just getting started, it’s important to have a clear plan for continuous learning and take steps towards the right direction.”

Jelvie has already completed several courses and received promotions as a result - but she is still looking forward to seizing more learning opportunities in the near future.


Want to upskill, too?


RMIT Online courses are perfect for anyone interested in keeping their skill set up to date. Our short courses can set you up for your next career milestone, without having to quit your day job. You can learn more about the Victorian Governments digital jobs program here.

Browse all of our RMIT Online short courses here and meet the future of work head on. 

This article was originally published on 15 November 2021