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Empowering frictionless data literacy in the workplace

RMITO, Merkle, Monitor Deloitte, and Microsoft came together to discuss data in the workforce.
Data Science

Data storytelling. What is it, and why does everyone want it?

Forbes has named Data Storytelling as one of the most important tech skills for 2023
Data Science

Building Victoria’s digital workforce

Deloitte predicts Victoria needs 33,000 more tech workers by 2024.
Cyber Security

Digital skills gap costing Australian businesses $9 million per day

A new study by RMIT Online and Deloitte Access Economics reveals the digital skills gap is costing Australian businesses $3.1 billion annually.
Cyber Security

Watch: Masterclass: The power of visualisation for data storytelling with Paul Vaartjes

Watch this masterclass on data storytelling with Paul Vaartjes- RMIT Online future skills mentor
Data Science

7 careers you can have in data (and how much they pay)

The world is awash with data: about 2.5 quintillion bytes per day – and it needs data professionals to organise and analyse all that information.
Data Science

5 in demand jobs that didn’t exist 10 years ago (and how to get them).

Some jobs that didn’t exist 10 years ago have become highly sought after, so what are they? And how can you stay relevant?
Data Science

Inflation worries 85% of workers; one third moved jobs for less than $5K

New survey from RMIT Online released today explores a moment of change in the job market amidst economic uncertainty
Data Science

6 tips for talking to your boss about training this year

Remember, all managers have budgets. If there’s any money that needs to be used before the EOFY, training and development is a great way to spend it
Data Science

How one business is getting more women into Tech through innovation

We find out how Mantel Group is helping #BreakingTheBias this International Women’s Day
Software Development

RMIT Online CEO speaks to Digital Nation about tech skills shortages

Helen Souness, RMIT Online CEO says the way to address skills shortages in Australia is with education
Data Science

Why upskilling is future proofing your career

With most of their staff working remotely, companies need robust digital infrastructure, they need the right systems in place, and they need staff who can adapt to changing circumstances on the fly.
Data Science

Why we need hybrid skills for hybrid jobs

COVID-19 isn’t the end of business, but it is the end of business as usual
Artificial Intelligence

What is ‘Dirty Data’? And how can we fix it?

It’s the stuff CRM Manager nightmares are made of.

Data Science and Privacy. How much is it okay to know?

It’s often said that technology outpaces regulation, but when it comes to data privacy, regulation is quickly catching up. 
Data Science