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Why UX design is so important for business

UX measures how a consumer feels when interacting with a system. It’s the art, and science, of trying to fulfil the user’s needs.
UX & UI Design

Here's why mindfulness should play a role in UX design

You'll be surprised how much the two fields complement each other, and how mindfulness can improve your UX practice
UX & UI Design

Customer retention vs customer acquisition. Which is better for business?

Should you focus your energies on acquiring new customers, or keeping the ones you’ve got?
CX Design & Strategy

What’s the difference between UX, Service Design and Digital Product Design?

They’re great careers for people who are curious, analytical, creative, tech savvy. But which one is right for you?

What is digital product design?

If you’re looking for a tech career with plenty of flexibility and creativity, digital product design could be a good fit for you.

RMIT Online and Canva partner to train hybrid designers

RMIT Online partneres with Canva, as well as with Symplicit, REA Group and Fjord to build new programs

The Big UX trends for 2022

User Experience is the science that governs how users interact with the digital world. But how is it changing in a post COVID world?
UX & UI Design

Student Profile: Kym used her time between full time jobs to up-skill in CX

Kym recognised a need to deepen her knowledge of CX strategy
Digital Marketing

The unstoppable rise of service design

Is service design the same thing as UX? Well, yes and no. 
Design Thinking

5 UX trends you'll want to watch

Has UX design become too effective? Want to order a pizza through your watch? Welcome to the Brave New World of User Experience. 
Design Thinking

UX vs UI: Understanding the difference between UX and UI

It's time to settle the debate once and for all. What's the difference between UX and UI? The confusion only grows as each field climbs higher in demand.
Design Thinking