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VR AR Announcement

RMIT Online launches the world’s first university short course in VR and AR using Amazon Sumerian

Address the skills gaps in this burgeoning market and trialing AI technology to enhance the student experience through a digital assistant known as AIDA.

RMIT Online today announced the launch of the world’s first university short course in virtual reality (VR)  and augmented reality (AR) using Amazon Sumerian, as well as further AI courses to address the skills gap in this burgeoning technological field. Through the collaboration, RMIT is also trialing these technologies to enhance the student experience through the introduction of a digital assistant known as AIDA (Artificial Intelligence Digital Assistant).  

Amazon Sumerian is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) service that makes it easy for any developer to build VR, AR, and 3D applications, then run them on mobile devices, head-mounted displays, digital signage, or web browsers. RMIT’s newly launched courses - Developing AI Strategy, Developing AR and VR Strategy, and Developing AR and VR Applications ‒ are adapted from the AWS Educate global program and are designed to address tech-driven changes in the workplace. They are intended to provide embedded pathways for professionals to gain AWS Cloud computing skills and prepare them to gain micro-credentials and AWS certifications.

With the global augmented reality and virtual reality market expected to reach a market size of over US$200 billion by 2022 (IDC, 2018), these technologies are expected to transform how we learn and how businesses operate, including serving customers, training employees, creating products, managing value chains, and more.

Like the other courses in RMIT’s Future Skills portfolio, these industry-relevant online short courses help fill skills gaps among executives, professionals, as well as developers looking to future-proof their careers in a more accessible and convenient manner.  The courses will also enable executives to think strategically about implementing these new technologies into the core of their businesses, and include industry leading partners and mentors from Versent, a member of the Amazon Web Services Partner Network (APN).

RMIT is also trialing this new technology through a virtual guide for students known as AIDA (Artificial Intelligence Digital Assistant). Announced today at the AWS Public Sector Summit in Canberra, AIDA will provide dynamic and personalised guidance to students to help and support them in navigating University life, removing the need to wait in queues and fill out enquiry forms. This is part of a wider university initiative to explore ways of embedding artificial intelligence into campus life, with student experience at the forefront.

RMIT Vice-Chancellor and President Martin Bean CBE said the collaboration was another demonstration of RMIT’s commitment to providing the best possible student experiences and creating work-ready graduates.

“Industry and enterprise are embedded in everything we do and we continue to embrace new technology - collaborating with Amazon Web Services is a great example of our continued leadership in this space,” he said.

“By co-designing courses with leading industry players and actually using the technology that we are teaching, we’re creating a uniquely rewarding experience for both our staff and our students.”

Vincent Quah, APAC Regional Head for Education, Research and Not For Profit - Worldwide Public Sector, Amazon Web Services,  said, “RMIT is an early adopter in offering the innovative learning environment that 21st century students expect.  With the launch of the RMIT courses in VR and AR using Amazon Sumerian, RMIT continues to help students become future-ready in a rapidly changing economic environment.”

The online courses run from 6 weeks and cost from AU$1,400.  Find out more at and see a brief video demo of AIDA here.


This article was originally published on 11 September 2018