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Samantha Rees in a meeting

Watch: Samantha is keeping ahead of the tech curve by studying VR & AR

RMIT Online graduate Samantha Rees on how she is keeping her digital skills ahead of the curve by studying VR & AR

Samantha Rees believes in life long learning, so when she discovered that RMIT Online was offering Designing and Developing VR and AR Applications it was a no-brainer for her to enrol in the online course to upskill in the emerging tech area of virtual reality. 

"Technology is constantly evolving, and VR and AR is a skill set that you can see emerging in the education environment. It's the cutting edge of technology."

Samantha has a background working in training development and sees VR and AR as the next logical step in her industry. "People are going to expect this kind of experience in their workplace". Since completing the course with RMIT Online, Samantha has been working as the Senior eLearning Content Developer at the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions. 

To hear Samantha's story in full, check out the video above. Interested in upskilling yourself or your team? Check out our course catalogue here, or the RMIT Online solutions for business page here.