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Watch: Is ChatGPT the future of marketing?

Check out our latest webinar on ChatGPT and the future of marketing with experts from Adobe, Merkle and Concentrix Catalyst

It’s no secret that the use of artificial intelligence is making waves across all sectors and industries. Just two months after launch, ChatGPT clocked 100 million monthly active users, with many hailing it as the next generation of search. For marketers in particular, many have been left equal parts excited, to equal parts nervous about how technology will impact the industry moving forward.

So what is the potential of ChatGPT? What will it enhance, and what will it replace? What does it mean for marketing teams, and are we staring down the barrel of the next Industrial Revolution?

On our latest On the Couch series, we held a discussion with industry experts from AdobeMerkle and Concentrix Catalyst on the power of AI for marketing teams.

 The panel addresses these topics:

  • The biggest opportunities and risks of ChatGPT
  • The role of human capabilities
  • What future marketing teams might look like


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This article was originally published on 1 May 2023