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Watch: Technology Skills will be critical for a post-pandemic recovery

Check out out latest 'On the couch' webinar with experts from Deloitte, DHCRC and Isobar

For many years, businesses and employers have been grappling with the future of work – how technology, globalisation, workplace change and other forces will shape what jobs are most in demand. In 2021, we saw an acceleration of all of these trends, with digital skills becoming more crucial than ever for an economic recovery.

"Have we learnt the skills that are needed for Industry 4.0? And if they don't exist already in our workforce, where are we going to get them?"

Joining the panel is John O’Mahony (Partner at Deloitte Access Ecomonics), Professor Tim Shaw (Director of Research and
Workforce Capacity at DHCRC) and Julie Kerckhof (Director of Business Strategy at Isobar). Check out the video above to see the whole event. 

This article was originally published on 15 February 2021