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Watch: Is constant reinvention the new pathway to success?

RMIT Online's latest 'On The Couch' webinar is focussed on how constant reinvention is the new pathway to success, and how to prepare for the new future of work in a post-pandemic world.

RMIT Online
RMIT Online

‘Strategic reinvention’ has been a sort of pop-business mantra for several years now, but it took a global pandemic and nose-diving consumer confidence for ‘reinvention’ to go from last-ditch scramble to proactive necessity.

Traditional face-to-face institutions like galleries, museums and even zoos began either improving their online experience, or building it from scratch. Australia’s 13cabs pivoted to become a delivery service. Melbourne cafes like St. Ali sold branded face masks. These days, everyone’s re-inventing themselves. Pivoting is the new normal—and for good reason.

Strategic reinvention might not be new, but our approach to it is changing. Reinvention itself is being reinvented.

Joining the panel is Helen Souness (CEO at RMIT Online), Nigel Dalton (Social Scientist at ThoughtWorks) and Ella Cullen (Talent Acquisition Manager at Concentrix Tigerspike). Check out the video above to see the full event.