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From behind the lens to strategic success: Natalia’s journey with RMIT Online

Natalia Boccalon recently undertook RMIT Online's Digital Marketing Strategy & Campaigns course to explore creative strategy.

We recently spoke with photographer and content creator- Natalia Boccalon, where she highlighted the transformative impact of RMIT Online's short course- Digital Marketing Strategy & Campaigns on her career. Motivated to delve into the strategic aspect of creativity upon her move to Australia, she successfully landed a role as a Digital Content Creator at a multinational company post-course completion, smoothly incorporating her fresh marketing knowledge. Let's delve deeper into her experience while studying with us.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hello, my name is Natalia. I've been a photographer for more than 12 years, and around 9 years ago, I began making content for brands and influencers. Throughout my career, I've always been a freelancer, collaborating closely with creative and PR agencies, as well as personal clients. My passion lies in the creative aspect of my work.


Why did you decide to look into studying again, and why did you choose RMIT Online? 

When I moved to Australia 1.5 years ago, I saw it as a perfect opportunity to learn more about the strategic aspects of the creative field. I wanted to explore the 'other side' of creativity. During my search for a suitable course, I came across various options, but RMIT Online stood out for me. It offered the ideal blend of flexibility through online courses and the prestige of being associated with a recognized university.


Since completing the course, how have you been able to apply your new learnings? 

The outcomes have been quite astonishing! Right after completing the course and earning my badge, I secured through LinkedIn my first corporate position as a Digital Content Creator at a global company. 

How did you balance working, social life and studying?

It was a juggling act, for sure. Despite the courses being self-paced, there were assignments and weekly webinars to keep up with (I highly recommend attending these if you're enrolled). I found that dedicating my weeknights to the coursework allowed me to successfully complete the course. The online platform at RMIT worked seamlessly—very responsive—and the alumni support was fantastic. These aspects made the balancing act a lot more manageable.


What advice would you give to anyone wanting to pivot in their careers?

As someone who transitioned from freelancing to a corporate career, my advice for anyone looking to pivot in their careers is to embrace change and maintain a curious mindset. Stay open to new possibilities and be willing to learn and adapt. Every bit of knowledge and preparation you acquire will prove valuable as you venture into a new professional path. Stay proactive in your learning journey—it will serve you well!


Would you recommend this course? If so why?

Absolutely, I would highly recommend this course. It offers the opportunity to expand your skills. Moreover, completing this course can truly open doors of opportunity for you, both professionally and personally.


Ready to harness the potential of digital marketing and elevate your career? Let Natalia’'s inspiring journey fuel your drive to embark on a path of growth and achievement with RMIT Online! Learn more about our Digital Marketing Strategy + Campaigns short course here.

This article was originally published on 30 October 2023